Are you ready to learn a simple process to finally create the life you really want and deserve? Then listen as Janice Hoffman shares her story of a powerful transformation, the result of applying the 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself, and get excited about your own potential!

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So after the seven steps what happened with my health was my IBS started getting less and less and less I have maybe had one trip to the ER in a year year-and-a-half wow I’ve been doing the seven steps my digestive system is better by the month my best day when I was really sick hardly even compares to if I were to have a worst day now Wow so the goal I came with my most important goal was IBS is I would say 95 percent gone amazing 95 do i you know i I’d like to say a hundred percent that everyone’s a lot of sneaks back so then the other thing when i talked about doing the seven steps with regards to the person that stalked me i was having a lot of every single day memories popping in my head uncontrollably every single day and crying a lot and not feeling i had any control over that and when i did that the first time i did the seven steps i would say 70% of all those memories popping in my head every day went away Wow and and it wasn’t just the relief of having all those memories top of my head it was also having new space for new thoughts which was really exciting and and knowing that 70% maybe were gone.

But now I have a tool to get ready to get rid of the other 30% and this doesn’t have to run my life anymore and it does not running my life what kind of life I can create from that space that I’ve now created from taking all that gunk out of my life wow it’s amazing did you or did you finish the other 30% already I would say I’m down to probably less than 10% Wow yes and if you could have seen me before I you know the PTSD the after like oh my god what did I just go through was almost as bad as the the being stalked itself and then it was just different but it was still crying every day Wow and not being able to talk to anybody and then when I did they just want to hear stories and that wasn’t helpful Wow he must have felt trapped inside your own body very much so trapped by my emotions and very you know I spent every single day back then just flirting with suicide well I’ll never do it but I’ll spend plenty of time thinking about it every day.

Even talking I’m even talking to it as if it wasn’t an entity or personality like I know you want me to do it I’ll show you know just having these arguments with myself was you know the other thing that was really good about the 7 steps was that you know one side of your self that argues with the other side of yourself was that got real quiet Wow excuse me and even the voice inside we all have that voices at her head that says all you should have done that it was so parental before with like a pointing finger kind of talking down to me loud voice and after the seven steps it was more like you know you should have done that it was just so much softer so much softer and so much like oh I could hear that as opposed to you know go away I don’t want to hear this don’t tell me how bad I am and look a lot of the self-talk that I said that was I don’t want to repeat a lot of that went away with the seven steps you know I think people may not realize how much they can get rid of that is running them that we don’t know that’s running them because we just got oh well that’s just my history and that’s just who I am and like doesn’t have to be who you are you can you can clear it all and the idea that you can clear permanently especially all the things I’ve done I would I never believed that until I have the experience that it is permanently gone and amazing that that anything you can do can permanently erase and remove trauma from the past.

But what you’ve created it does and it it just does even I even argue with myself sometimes like this is too easy this is no you know this isn’t going to work and it’s but it works every time yeah I think we’re you know we’re so taught that no pain no gain so if you’re not doing rebirthing and flailing around the floor with tetany in your hands then you’re not getting any benefit and it’s just not true and how wonderful that you’ve created something where we don’t have to flop around on the floor with techne to get a result and even that was a permanent by the way right can you talk about how you didn’t want to come to the course and because you didn’t believe it was going to work your memorize you over the phone because you were just so distraught about coming yes I was looking for any excuse to not come like um but I think the first time I called I wanted to know the name of the hotel and I got all I can like and then you called me and you were just so nice I thought he’s so calm and he’s he’s not like engaging in my you know my confrontation or my confrontational behavior attitude and yeah so I was pretty I didn’t think that there was anything out there that could do what you claimed remove trauma for the past permanently I just not after I’ve been exposed to so many different things and tried so many different things and they all kind of promised the same sort of thing that it’s like okay well I’ll give this a try but I didn’t really believe it would work I just I was more curious than anything.

And now you know would I tell people all the time now they’ll go oh you know maybe we should talk I said oh no I have this tool in my toolbox it’s called the seven steps and I never have to go looking for anything ever again because I have something that works and it works permanently that’s fantastic and that’s a wonderful thing I don’t have to go looking for a workshop or read this book or find the speaker or do anything because I have the seven steps and I don’t need anything else you know every time all the time for everybody you just have to do it you just have to do the work like you said yeah do you remember when you have that overwhelming feeling that you were not in control of your life and then I know you shared before that just the understanding that you have that belief and that I wasn’t true was a huge breakthrough but then you did the seven sets and erase all of those feelings of being out of control of that right during the course yes and then what happened after that with how you felt doors started opening coincidences started happening people started showing up and and you know all the speakers out they’re all they’re all about you know it’s your attitudes your attitudes you attitudes like yeah yeah yeah well I have an attitude and I’m trying to get better and I have you know I think have a good attitude so I’m trying trying trying trying trying and what I realized was attitude is everything because nothing in my life changed but except my attitude and the only reason my attitude changed was because I would be able to do the seven steps and shift my attitude right yeah a lot of our attitude is programmed in unconsciously and we try to use our willpower to overcome it but it’s so hard to do it every day all the time consistently especially feel a lot of a lot of stuff and even if you’re trying with all your might those those issues can still manifest in your life and then if you can take them out permanently from the unconscious.

So you’re no longer in a battle with yourself and it just automatically allows you to feel good and have a good attitude you’re right dominoes start falling in life it’s just been amazing and you know even here’s another thing that happened and would never have happened without the seven steps I’m a friend of my life who’s very dysfunctional and she has a lot of problems and but her and I had the Stocking thing in common and it was a very tight bond that we had and and she was whenever she was three different times she wrote me off and three different times I got very upset and really wanted her friendship because she was like a sister to me and we just had another falling-out she had said about something and there’s a part of me it’s like you know that’s okay actually and I find myself going wow really it’s okay and it’s like you know what it is okay and I bless her on her way but the feeling that I need her in my life is it just it just like melts away it’s that it feels like now I want is more a desire whereas before it was like and it was but it was like almost like a desperate want yeah not not a like oh I want that or I want that was I want it so bad and I you know and and I and now it’s like it’s my it’s my desire and if it happens that’d be wonderful and if it doesn’t God steps if it bothers me yes you’ve moved out of attachment and out of coming from a place of black into standing in a place of having and then choosing what you want which is how you feel manifesting really quickly and easily you know what other things I love that you taught us that has made a tremendous difference in my life because I’m one of these people that hates when somebody says oh why did you attract that to yourself.

Because I feel like the abuse of the law of attraction it’s only one-half of a lot of traction there’s 11 other spiritual blogs and I go off on a tangent and when you taught us that love and joy and money and relationships and everything we want life is trying to get to us and we just have these these little in of these blocks and it’s not I’m not doing something wrong by attracting the wrong people about lava I just have a clog in my pipe oh my god I can so here that I can show here that because there’s no I did something wrong attached to it thank you so much for that number one and so being able to shift from what am I not doing right and getting in and that was when I came to the seven steps I was up to here with people telling me I wasn’t doing it good enough or right enough or the right way or you know I just so when you introduced the whole idea that we’re just there’s all these channels or pipes or a particular you said how you described it and all that we want is trying to get to it all we have to do is remove the block oh my god that’s doable yes it is I can do that and so it totally shifted how I look at everything the results and benefits of our training are only available to members of our private association to learn more call eight seven seven six eight zero 8200 or visit total health mastery us forward slash seven steps