Interference Field Removal

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October 5, 2019


Orange County, CA United States

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Do you have nagging injuries? How about major injuries?

Have you ever had a surgery, used aluminum based deodorant, a head trauma, non organic feminine personal care products, gotten a tattoo, piercing or had stitches?

Then you have an interference field damaging your health and possibly the health of your future children.

Interference fields are damage sites in the body from a physical trauma that prevent the body from absorbing nutrition in that area, from repair in that area, and reflex or connect to another part of the body, usually a major organ or gland and diminish or reduce it’s functioning.

How are you supposed to lose weight if your stomach and thyroid are turned off because of trauma you had as a child? This unique training can show you how to remove these blockages to good health… on your own! And to help others.

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This is a great opportunity since we don’t teach this class very often. If you want to heal yourself from your Interference Fields and learn how to do it FOREVER on you and other people, join us on October 5th for this class!