How to Change your Life in the New Year Using the 7 Steps

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January 23, 2020
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Teresa’s house
Vista, CA United States + Google Map

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You know how you keep making New Year’s Resolutions but don’t keep them? How you make goals for your life and they don’t come true… sometimes the SAME goals over and over again?

Every time we say we’ll do something and we don’t, and then we punish ourselves afterward.

Every time want to:

– change our diet…
– start working out
– devote more time to our family and friends
– learn a new craft or play an instrument
– (insert goal here)

Today’s not the day to shame ourselves, though…

There is a reason WHY this happens to virtually everyone on this planet…

There are also ways to overcome this so you CAN achieve every goal every year!

In the past maybe you thought you’d try harder, work more, focus more, join a mastermind, do a vision board, and yet the goals still didn’t show up…

Isn’t it time to understand why and start living the life you deserve?

In this workshop, you’ll learn a step-by-step technique to finding the root of Why your Life is the Way it is, and why you can’t seem to achieve your goals no matter how hard you try or how positive you are. Moreover, you’ll also learn a very fast technique to release an enormous amount of emotional baggage.

If you are ready to start living the life you deserve, Register for this life-changing event

Many of our graduates have said years later that this 2-hours workshop created lasting change in their life and was a pivotal moment for them.

Here are some examples:

“I was able to release a lot of sadness surrounding attracting my perfect partner. I had pushed it aside for so long and almost given up on being able to manifest true love. I feel really confident that it will happen and the universe is working behind the scenes to align everything perfectly. I’m really excited to see what unfolds.” -M. L.

“I feel light and joyful for the first time in 10 years!” -D. B.

“I like the fact that I cleared so much stuff so quickly. It helped me channel my divine power and clear my sexual abuse pattern.” -S. A. R.

“My daughter has been working with the 7 Steps and the 5 Steps for the last 3 months and she has ahd a huge transformation and healing from sexual molestation trauma. This has been a miracle in our lives and I will be forever grateful.” -J. W.

We could have put their actual names as their feedback forms have their signature saying we can use their testimonial publicly, but these are so personal and so touching we wanted to keep them a bit private.

Would you like to create a major change in the direction of your life or the lives of your loved ones?

Then don’t wait any longer! Register now!

This lecture will be hosted by Teresa Maltese, a certified practitioner of The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself, the world’s fastest proven method to release unconscious programming, negative emotions and transform your life.

She has been personally training with the 7 Steps inventor and founder of Total Health Mastery University, Arnoux (are-know) Goran, for over 7 years and is an inspiring speaker with real heart and a desire to empower people and change lives. She started, owned, and operated a successful business before retiring in 2015 to pursue her training with THM. Her future goal is to bring The 7 Steps to children worldwide to prevent suicide and end bullying.

We here at Total Health Mastery hope that you will bring your loved ones to attend this workshop too! Sign them up or share this webpage with them.

Watch this video to see what kinds of results our students can achieve. Results may vary of course.