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October 16, 2021


Topanga State Park
20828 Entrada Rd.
Topanga, CA 90290 United States
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Heads up to all our friends who want to come socialize and have fun! 

On October 16th, we will have our Annual Picnic, Hike and Dinner, starting at Topanga State Park and ending at one of the best restaurants you’ll ever find, the Wild Living Foods Restaurant in Los Angeles. This will be a wonderful day of sharing the outdoors and uplifting conversations with kindred spirits. You’ll be able to see old friends you took my courses with, make new friends in our growing community, and have a rewarding time with people who are transforming their lives, just like you are.

For the last year and a half we have ben limited in our social interactions, and this had led to feelings of isolation and loneliness for many. Even among our transformative community some have struggled with this mandated quarantine. But now we can open our windows and doors, and once again be in the company of friends and acquaintances! 

When: October 16th
Where: At 12:30pm we’ll meet at Topanga State Park for a picnic and hike.
At 6pm we’ll meet at the Wild Living Foods Restaurant in Los Angeles for dinner.
(You are invited to one or both of the days activities!)
How: RSVP by October 15th

To RSVP for the hike, dinner or both, send a text to 310-299-8783, or call the Total Health Mastery number, 877-680-8200 with your information.  


We’ll begin our day at the entrance to Topanga State Park at 20828 Entrada Rd. Topanga, 90290 (sometimes called the Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park on the map).  You’ll drive past the first mini-park area with a single table, continuing about a mile into the park to find the section where we will meet.  You’ll know you’re there when you pass a gate and a park ranger. There are plenty of tables, and you often see deer right from the picnic area!  We’ll assemble there at 12:30pm to enjoy our picnic lunch in the shade and gather our group consciousness, then hike the trail to the top of the mountain, to the famous Eagle Rock with epic ocean views along the way.  Most people who have grown up in the Los Angeles area have never seen the city from this amazing vantage point!  Those who prefer not to hike can remain behind at the tables and enjoy the serenity of the park grounds.

This is not a beginner trail, it is more of a moderate to strenuous hike, so be sure to wear hiking boots or walking shoes designed for good traction.  Bring water, a hat as needed, and a safe sunblock if necessary.  We’ll hike back down a different trail, a little less demanding, where you’ll see the ocean the entire time. It’s so beautiful!

Once we return from the hike, we’ll prepare to drive to our 6pm dinner date in downtown Los Angeles.  Dinner will be at my favorite restaurant in the whole world…Wild Living Foods!  This award winning restaurant serves organic food that hasn’t been cooked, processed, microwaved, irradiated, or genetically engineered.  A divinely healthy alternative to regular restaurants, yet offering selections that are even more delicious than their cooked counterparts!  Click Here To See The Life Renewing Menu At Wild Living Foods!  You’ll experience food prepared to revitalize and rejuvenate your body! The address for the restaurant is 760 S. Main Street, Los Angeles 90014.

We at the Total Health Mastery family invite you to join us for the hike, the meal, or BOTH!  Anyone can come, so invite your friends and family, all are welcome!  You can even forward this email to those you’d like to have as guests.  Keep in mind that only Total Health Mastery graduates/members are asked to reply to this email, so you’ll need to RSVP for those you invite.

To RSVP for the hike, dinner or both, send a text to 310-299-8783, or call the Total Health Mastery number, 877-680-8200 with your information.

We have gone over a year without getting together as friends to share social time.  Now you have a wonderful opportunity to see old friends, make new acquaintances, and socialize with others on the path of life transformation!  So I look forward to seeing you on October 16th for a full day of fun, fresh air, upbuilding companionship, and a soul-satisfying meal!

(If you haven’t already joined my Party List, CLICK HERE TO JOIN and get all the invitations to our events!)

Even if you live outside of the Southern California area, still consider joining the list. As things return to normal, I will be looking at expanding our events to other locations, and there may even be times when an activity is scheduled while you are visiting here. Wouldn’t that be nice of the universe to serendipitously bring us together! It can happen when you sign up!

And you will only receive texts and emails related to social functions and activities on this list. So there’s no need to worry about getting any other types of communications.

See you on October 16th!