Letting go of limiting beliefs to lose weight, an Interview with Life & Success Coach Ruba Zanaid.   Ruba is certified as a life coach, health coach, NLP practitioner, and Healthy Living With Ruba LLC founder. Her mission is to help you realize your greatest potential by following a balanced lifestyle physically and emotionally.  In increasing your energy, productivity, confidence, and happiness so you can live a fulfilling life and use your unique talents to be a positive influence.  During her interview with Arnoux, you will learn how to overcome negative thoughts.  When changing these beliefs that are holding you back from becoming the healthiest and the happiest version of yourself.

After being told by his doctors that he would never recover and would certainly die, he cured himself of several incurable diseases and went on to design the seminar series that changes and save lives.

About the Goran Technique 

Clients of Arnoux Goran Seminars regularly achieved results most people would consider impossible Arnoux is the inventor of the Goran Technique – Seven Steps to Reprogramming Yourself. The Goran Technique II, how to cleanse the body without cleansing the actions, and how to overcome addictions without willpower.

My story’s pretty simple. I was sick quite a bit as a child. At 13, I was diagnosed with asthma because I couldn’t breathe and was rushed to the emergency room after many weeks of just getting worse. Then at the age of 15, I developed pain in my hands and 16 out of diagnosed with arthritis. When I was 19, I went to the bathroom, and I saw blood coming out. And that happened to me every day after that.

So I stopped going to the traditional Western medical doctors because they only had one solution for me, nothing. They said there’s nothing “we can do.” You are already on the strongest medication. I was experiencing more and more fatigue. I was beginning to experience memory loss. And so I tried Chinese medicine, everything I could find on naturopathic medicine.  No one could do it more than just diagnosed me with Anemia, Candida hyperglycemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia. And my last naturopath told me that I had zero adrenal functioning, and I was in total adrenal failure. She said to me, Arnoux if you don’t do something different soon, you’re not going to be around much longer. At that time, I was 22 years old. Learn within this interview how I changed my life!  

Your best life is awaiting you!

Arnoux Goran