There’s a new popular saying in American culture, YOLO. It means you only live once. It also means life is short, so enjoy today and forget about tomorrow. The problem with this strategy, this life philosophy, is that you don’t build things, you don’t create things for the future that you can enjoy. A story I learned while training martial arts was about an 80-year-old man who began planting an orchard. His neighbors laughed at him and said he would never taste the fruit of his labors. But after 100, he lived off of the orchard. Great success comes from building things.  Sometimes things take decades to develop into fruit.  The most important thing to build is ourselves.

Personal growth is the most important area for us to work on. As nice as it is to plant orchards in our career, or financially, or to plant seeds of kindness in our relationships that bring us joy for decades to come as people remember how we were nice to them even when we were very young, the personal growth that we spend our time on now, doesn’t just benefit us today or tomorrow, but forever after. Yes, literally forever.

Some people think the mind and soul are immortal. I do. If you’re doing permanent personal growth work by erasing the limiting negative emotions or programs from your mind or the repeated intentions from your soul… then the work you’re doing really is forever. I know you might be saying, “But there is no such thing as permanent clearing or transformational work.” If you’re thinking that it’s because you haven’t found anyone who can teach you how to do that. My students have been doing permanent work for years depending on how long ago they started in my training. I myself spent 20 years erasing negative programs from the unconscious mind since I first invented The Goran Technique in May of 2003.

It’s challenging work and also critically important. It’s like removing bricks from on top of you that are weighing you down. Every day that you remove one, even though it’s hard work, you feel a little bit lighter. Sometimes you remove really huge ones or quite a few of them in one day and you feel noticeably different the next day. It might require strength to keep plugging away or removing brick after brick if you’ve been through a very difficult childhood and have hundreds or thousands to take out. You might rather just stay in the world of external doing instead of internal doing. But it’s the internal world that creates the external world.

It’s the programming inside of us that informs the universe of what we want to attract into our life and generates the matrix of our reality. This is science now. We know that we are living in a holographic universe. Yes, reality is real. And yet our experience of reality is completely determined by who we’re being, what we’re thinking, and what we’re feeling, which for most people is their old programming.

Erasing that old stuff…it’s not just the secret of success, it’s the secret of living a fantastic life and being powerful and able to control your life and the experiences that you have. The thing is, it takes work. It can be a lot of work. One of my students who’s a professor at a major university said, “Doing The Goran Technique at night is like brushing my teeth. Every night I check to see if I got triggered by something during the day and then I erase it. I love waking up the next day to see that it’s gone forever.”

Personal growth needs to be a habit. It needs to be a constant and consistent investment. Consistently growing is how we become the person we’ve always dreamed we could become. Not by doing it every once in a while, or only when someone is willing to take the time to guide us. If you find it difficult to create this habit consider the importance and value of erasing the negative programming causing the problems you have and preventing me from manifesting the dreams you desire in your heart and soul.

What also might help you is to notice how you feel when you wake up. Practice quieting your mind, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings throughout the day, and notice if you’re not experiencing constant, consistent happiness and joy. If you’re not, get to work erasing what’s preventing that natural experience. If you do feel happy, but you have goals you haven’t achieved, be honest with yourself and dig deep and remove the real reason you haven’t achieved those goals. Stop putting your foot on the gas and spinning your wheels in the mud not getting anywhere because you’re not addressing the real reason you haven’t achieved your goal, unconscious blockages in your mind and soul.

Most people need a personal trainer to work out. So maybe what you need is a coach. If you don’t think you can afford one of our coaches, why not work with someone who took the training with you? Find a clearing buddy. If you haven’t taken my training, when you do take the three-day weekend and learn how to permanently erase your blocks, make sure that you get in touch with the people that you meet and exchange information with, and put structure into your calendar so that you’ll have at least one if not two, or three or more clearing sessions per week with someone. Connecting with others is fantastic because you’ll have someone supporting you, and you’ll have a chance to practice coaching others through what could be the most significant process in life. Do you think it’s true that being able to permanently erase negative programming is the most significant process in life? If it is, maybe this will help you to do it more consistently.If you’ve already taken my training you may consider doing what Anna did. She took the course in October for her second time. I asked her what her goal was in taking the course and she said that she had not been erasing issues using The Goran Technique since she took the course the first time, so her goal was to erase all of her blockages preventing her from doing it every day. We call these catch 22’s in the course, because if you are blocked from clearing blocks, you’re stuck, which is what a catch 22 is. Erasing them frees you to make a choice, and gives you the ability to make a commitment to clearing regularly.

In February, she took the course again and she shared that she had done The Goran Technique every single day since the October course. She said it was very beneficial because six different companies had owed her money preventing her from paying her company’s bills and she erased the frustration that she felt thatthese people were not paying up and the very next day two of them paid their bills in full, which allowed her to pay all of her bills. It’s not a coincidence is it? Of course not. That’s how powerful human beings are. I hope her story will encourage you to keep clearing and also to review the course, which is currently free to do, and do the same thing she did and use the course as a medium to erase all of your blocks to clearing on your own every day, making your life into an absolute dream come true.

Is every area of your life a 10? Meaning it couldn’t get any better. Or it’s just as incredible as you could imagine.  Do you feel like you’re constantly experiencing fantasies coming true? Do you look at your sweetheart and say wow, how did I manifest them? Do you love what you do for a living? Do you feel your life is one constant vacation of joy and happiness?

Well if it’s not, why not? It’s up to you to make it how you want it to be. If someone like me, who literally grew up in hell can live a dream life, then that means anyone can. Anyone at all. Don’t try to make an excuse and say well, you’re special. I’m just a regular person like any other regular person. But I did something that many people aren’t willing to do. I have been consistently working hard on my inner self, not just by clearing issues but by studying and studying and studying, taking course after course after course, watching videos, listening to audios or reading books, spending tens of thousands of dollars, yes, tens of thousands of dollars and then tens of thousands more dollars on trainings to grow and develop myself. That’s after going to university for seven years.

It’s the constant work on growing that allows for an incredible life. Not just in the beginning or the middle, but especially as you age. Can you imagine being 100 and having no health challenges? Looking like you’re 60 and having your brain work better than it did when you were 30 but retaining all of your knowledge and wisdom and all the things you built throughout your life? Why not? The only thing preventing you from having that experience is a need for knowledge and implementation of that knowledge. You can have it all. Everyone can.

It starts with believing that you can and then working towards it externally, obviously, but you must also work internally. Education and clearing, clearing, clearing, clearing, clearing, clearing, and more clearing, all of the crap in the way of each and every goal you set until you achieve it. Once you’ve celebrated your success, then you set another one. This is how you can achieve the life of your dreams.

If you want more information on manifestation, download my book, The Magical Manifesting Guidebook. It’s a workbook that will walk you through the process of creating and achieving any goal. It’s free on my homepage for a limited time. I wrote it because there was a lot of information on how to create what you want in different places. But I didn’t find all the answers in one place. There are certain things that I would call secrets of success in manifesting or creating your goals that I didn’t find anywhere else that I had to figure out on my own. I put all those things into one place to make it easy for other people, so you don’t have to try to figure everything out yourself. Isn’t that what evolution is about, helping each other and making it easier for everyone? I’m so grateful to my team, dear friends, family and everyone who has supported me and helped me get this far. Especially to all the divine beings that support me. I give praise to the universe.

Jim Valvano said, “Don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up.”  He may have been talking about cancer, but he was also talking about living.  Living a life you love can be included in that.  The key is to keep clearing, keep growing and keep becoming who you can become.  I look forward to your incredible success.

To your amazing life!


Arnoux Goran is the founder of Arnoux Goran Seminars. 
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