Doctors Are Stunned & Now I Am Helping Others Heal

When Wendy came to Total Health Mastery, she had many health conditions. All the health knowledge was very important in Wendy healing herself, but the 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself was what helped Wendy pull it all together. Beliefs can dictate how fast, how slow, & how are you heal. Wendy took advantage of this technique and aligned all her beliefs so her body can do the impossible. All her doctors were stunned.

After getting better Wendy found one of her life purposes. She now helps heal many other. I think she can do things many health professionals out there can not do. Some say she is a miracle healer.

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the video:

Hi my name is Wendy Pappas I did a 1007 steps in July but it took the seven steps for the first time you think in 2011-12 2010 we would be here for many days for me to share all of the things that have changed on my life since then so I guess I’ll just share the most important I think cuz that’s what really kind of brought me into total of mastery was my own health issues I struggled with the brain stem herniation was in chronic pain all the time some doctors were flopping between acknowledging that not acknowledging I and all were agreeing that my neck was the main problem I had some bulging discs two of them were losing and I had a complete rotation and my Alice and Atlas and axis were completely separated so they weren’t even one above the other so I think that our know the biggest thing that you’ve really taught me is not to have beliefs in your space that do not support what you’re trying to create and I was really hard for me to wrap my mind around but I think that it since July had really gone conquering with that.

And so just the other day I went for a follow-up visit to just it was actually I wasn’t going to step on anything it just happened and I had an x-ray of my neck done and all this stuff and it turns out that all those issues are gone yeah I thought that was pretty I mean I literally had to go and get the other x-ray and we were looking at it like are you sure but now that wasn’t so hard for me throughout my mind round it was for the doctor of course and he said that definitely he thinks that that interprets to the fact that my brainstem is probably retracted he could see that there’s cerebrospinal fluid flow and all that kind of stuff but the big thing for me was part of that test included a nerve conduction test so he sat me down and he put my hand on this thing and I’ve been having a lot of nerve being what I do I mean is my arm and had some issues in the past anyway so he looked at me he said that’s a five-minute test and said Oh perfect I’m gonna practice calling peace if he had nervous five minutes you know I’d already done it for now or in the morning but so the minute he walked out of clothes man as I practiced all the peace until he meant I heard the things a lot but he just kept going until he actually told me to stop and then he looked at the screen and you looked at me and he said I’ve never seen that before you literally have one white bar the rest of it was like red black green not the greatest.

But you’re completely in the calm state of mind it’s like not supposed to be possible and he said I think that I would love to retest at some point without further meditation so that really that tool calling piece has gone so far for me I mean the combination of the causing piece and the seven steps I practice every day and the like and I will tell you that there’s just no way that I thought I would get through some of the things that I put the man out with with anything less than something I believe but I feel like I’ve been able to do that and actually bring value to the table for people like you they seem to be husband we have 100% family are better from the better place in knowledge raising our children than we were before things like that just weren’t part of my repertoire beliefs and now they are like my everyday and bigger than not as my ability to influence other people in changing their beliefs because I think it’s really really important do you have any stories you want to tell about clients or people that you’ve changed well recently I have had a plan to have had great great results um how about six people office in droid I’ve had two doctors called me in the last week and said what are you doing I had a guy who came for his blood pressure and I said okay well you know that’s definitely something we can deal with you know it sometimes it takes a while to see changes in blood pressure.

And that kind of stuff so he first know you thought I guess he felt so good after his first session then you ran right back to his doctor and he said I don’t want to go to low pressure medication and I want you to test me again before I’m going to take it I went to have a colonic in the doctor said well that’s great but I think I’m probably gonna require a little bit more than that and if I can take some time because while I’m not taking the medicine so if you want to test me Dr. Chad Symmonz said that blood pressure is fine and so he of course he brought his own little in doesn’t bother and yeah and I won’t say that I am just sound astounded at the changes that I see in people with water with just water alone much less eliminating bad stuff at our nose always said help us to things.

It’s getting to good stuff in the baths about and now I need to we’re getting the bad stuff out there’s just nothing like it I see people changed in their whole demeanor their whole just everything in such a short period of time and I think they’re really the most impactful place that I see is depression I think people just get stucked and it’s hard to it’s hard to drink water when you’re dehydrated it’s hard to do anything when you’re dehydrated and dehydration is such an issue for so many people so I just I I love that I get to go to work every day and I’ll go yes people beside me sometimes there’s a little bit of a struggle there but at the end of the day they feel better and I feel better and I feel like I understand you might value in it I’m great for that

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