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In this video, you’ll learn about my experience after dating 100 people, what are the red signs to look for before a date, my definition of chemistry, and how to create your desired outcome in dating and relationships.

Francesca is a great host and asked many interesting and relevant questions that you might want to listen to!

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Want to see the world from a totally different perspective. Ready for provocative conversation, intriguing stories, and inspiration? Then don’t touch that dial. Welcome to talk with Francesca. She’ll give you something to talk about all week long. Now here’s Francesca.

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to talk with Francesca. I’m Francesca, your host, and I have a very interesting guest lined up this evening that I think you’re really going to enjoy. So don’t touch that dial. But before we get started, if you want to chime in or comment on the show or my guest or the topic, you can send me an email at And if you want to learn more about Talk with Francesca, you can visit my website, This portion of talk with Francesca is sponsored by Jennifer Powell. If you’re starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles stubborn fat that won’t go away, who doesn’t have that with the coated? Perhaps your body is trying to tell you something. Jennifer Pearl, RN. Has just the remedy for you, and you can visit to schedule your complimentary consultation today. Jennifer and her team of specialists look forward to helping you understand your beauty from within. All right, then. We are going to get going. Arnoux Goran went on 101st dates in one year. I’m exhausted already. One could say that every first date is an opportunity to learn something about yourself and what you want in a partner.

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But imagine how much you can learn if you went on 100 of those in a year. Now, let me think about that. 100 dates, 365 days a year. That’s one, like, every three days. Wow. If my math is right, which it might not be anyway, Arnoux Goran did just that in a quest to learn what women really want and what makes relationships work. He’s about to share what red flags to look for on a first date, what really impresses women, and how you can make sure you get that second date. He’s developed a method to reprogram yourself that was studied by the University of California, Irvine and has proven to be get this 100% effective. That’s pretty effective. His latest program is how to attract your And he’s here with us via telephone right now. So thanks for joining us tonight on Talk with Francesca. Arnoux.

[00:03:07.950] – Arnoux
Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure.

[00:03:10.180] – Speaker 2
All right, so before we even get started, I just want to mention or tell our listening audience that you were raised by two deaf crack addicts and left for dead at 22, but now you live a J. Paul Getty life. You are the inventor of the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and have changed the lives of countless people. How did that come about? I mean, that’s a pretty rough start.

[00:03:36.930] – Arnoux
It sure was. I would describe my childhood as growing up in hell, and it left me with no choice but to figure out how to heal myself or I would say rebuild myself because I was completely destroyed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As I was figuring out how to fix my body, I saw that I had a mountain of negative emotions that had piled up from my childhood. Some people would say they have a backpack of old emotions. I had a mountain. And so I searched high and low for a way to get rid of them permanently. But the world told me, there is no way. You’re just going to have to deal with it. But I felt like if I didn’t get rid of them, I would die, because it was just so heavy. So I just prayed a lot, researched a ton, and I literally spent all day listening to tapes, reading books, going to seminars, and piecing together how the human mind is really designed. And one day I had the breakthrough where I figured out how you could take something out of your unconscious mind forever. And that was the beginning of what’s now called the Seven Steps to Reprogramming Yourself, which has helped thousands of people already.

[00:04:42.850] – Arnoux
And I’m really excited to share with more people because of the impact it has on them and the stories that they tell me and how happy that makes me.

[00:04:50.520] – Speaker 2
So did you suffer from, like, a post traumatic stress disorder?

[00:04:55.890] – Arnoux
My brother was diagnosed with PTSD and depression and a whole bunch of things. I didn’t go down that route long enough, and I did put my toe in the water a little bit to find out they couldn’t help me. But I wasn’t diagnosed with all of those things. I’m sure I would have been diagnosed with PTSD and depression because I used to wake up with panic attacks every morning. I would just wake up like that. And one of my doctor friends said, you’re waking up in a panic attack. I don’t know if that was an official diagnosis. And I used to be so sad that I couldn’t make myself smile, even by pressing my face with my fingers. But I eventually figured out how to get rid of all of that so I could wake up happy every day, which was really a big deal. I think the biggest thing was when I spent a whole day not being upset by anything. I just felt happy for one whole day. That was the first day of my whole life. And that was about a year, maybe six months after I figured out has it, removing all those triggers.

[00:05:52.120] – Speaker 2
So you had, obviously, a very tumultuous childhood, but now you’re super successful, and we’re going to talk about your success. But before we do, I want to actually ask you about these hundred dates that you went on. I mean, man, that’s a lot of dating. That is exhausting. I don’t know if I’d have enough clothes for all those dates. So how did you end up going on 100 dates? Were the women not attractive to you so that you felt like you could find anything wrong with them or how did this all come about?

[00:06:28.770] – Arnoux
Well, throughout my life, starting when I was 18, I would write a description of the kind of girl I wanted, and I would pray, and then I would meet that girl. So I would just create girlfriends and they would be exactly what I wanted. And then I would realize, oh, this wasn’t really a match for me. So I would create something closer to what I thought I wanted. But after a four year relationship, I realized that I had no reference for dating. People would talk about dating life and dating, and they don’t like dating, they love dating and all this stuff. And I had no idea what it was like. I never actually dated. So I decided I want to date. I want to know what dating is like. I want to experience it for myself. And after coming out of that relationship, I also wanted a chance to just see who I was and rediscovering myself again, because it had been a long time that I’ve been with that person. So I just started creating the intention of going on dates. And as I did, I started to go on about three dates a week on average.

[00:07:20.050] – Arnoux
So well over 100 in that year. And it wasn’t that I didn’t meet anyone I liked. I just saw for myself this pattern of I look at a girl and say, you know, she’s almost exactly what I’m looking for, except for this, but I could fix that. And then I realized that is not the right way to go about it and that I should look for someone that matched what I really wanted just the way that they were.

[00:07:40.870] – Speaker 2
But it sounds like you didn’t know exactly what you wanted because you said that you were creating this list of what you wanted, and then she would miraculously appear, but you didn’t really know exactly what you wanted, because it sounds like you are visualizing who she was or what she was and writing it down. But then once you would meet her, you would find something wrong with her. Is that right? Is that what I’m hearing you say?

[00:08:11.290] – Arnoux
Well, not during the 100 date year. During that year, what I wanted was to date. I know what dating was, what it was like to go on a bunch of dates. I wanted to experience dating, so I actually was getting exactly what I wanted.

[00:08:26.790] – Speaker 2
Because you’re saying you got what you wanted because you wanted to date. Did these women know that you just wanted to date?

[00:08:35.250] – Arnoux
I was pretty clear on my profile, my online profile, what I was looking for. I think it’s really important to be completely honest about pretty much everything when you’re doing online dating or when you’re dating in general, because otherwise you’re just wasting your time and their time and trying to figure out if you match or not.

[00:08:52.710] – Speaker 2
So I was going to ask you how you were able to meet that many women, but it sounds like how you did it was that you went online.

[00:09:00.510] – Arnoux
Well, at first I went out with different women that I had met previously for introductions through friends. And then I said, well, let’s try online dating because that’s what everyone’s doing. And that was pretty much how I met most of the girls.

[00:09:15.750] – Speaker 2
And how did you find the quality of the online dating?

[00:09:19.770] – Arnoux
I think it depends on where you live and which site or platform you choose to work with because they’re different in different cities. As I traveled around, I would try looking on different apps and reading the profiles to different girls. And I could see that the mentality or the thinking of women in different cities is really different in different countries too. And also on different dating apps are different in different cities. So I would say look on the different apps in your city and see which ones have the type of type of guy that you’re looking for in general.

[00:09:51.120] – Speaker 2
Oh, that’s interesting.

[00:09:51.790] – Arnoux
And I found that there were a couple that were really good for me in Los Angeles.

[00:09:56.250] – Speaker 2
That’s very interesting. I did not realize such a thing existed. I thought they were all.