Public Speaking

What is AGS Public Speaking?

To be a certified Seminar Leader through the Arnoux Goran Seminars training programs requires a rigorous training in public speaking to the level of skill and knowledge that the speaker can create their own professional career as a speaker. Teaching is one of the most honored, powerful and important roles or careers a human being can commit themselves to. Most think of teachers as being part of massive institutions which are often unable to keep up with cutting edge information. The most influential and powerful teachers are independents with a powerful message to share. A AGS SL has the training necessary to deliver their message to the masses and make a living doing so.

Some of the skills and knowledge obtained through the AGS Public Speaking training are:

Ø The art of teaching, both modern and ancient including Super Learning technology, which causes retention of up to 80% or greater of information after hearing it for the first time.

Ø Managing rooms and fielding questions effortlessly.

Ø Selling from the stage to generate a full time income as a speaker, which only 1% of speakers can boast.

Ø Marketing and filling rooms.

Ø Designing your own courses and training from a 5 minute presentation to a 10 day intensive.

Ø Writing and publishing your book.

Ø The power of managing beingness on stage with maximum impact.

Ø Permanently changing speaking style including removing the fear of public speaking and other related emotional walls to reaching more people with power, grace and effectiveness.

How do I get certified?

Attend the Arnoux Goran Seminars training programs and take the required examination to receive your certification. Other AGS programs are required to attend: The Solution Weekend and The Foundation. These courses contain the advanced skills you will need to permanently clear your fear of public speaking forever as well as any other emotions and subconscious programs that prevent you from being your true heart centered self on stage at all times. Learn more here:

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