The SuperStyle Diet

What is The SuperStyle Diet?

The SuperStyle Diet is a unique menu and dietary program that is designed to create extraordinary health and vitality. Recently Dr. Dean Ornish proved in laboratory work that dietary change alone can reverse heart disease in 3 weeks or less, stop or reverse prostate cancer, AND, reverse aging at a DNA level. His lab partner, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburrn won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2009.

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This dietary program is based on the work of a great many researchers like Dr. Ornish, Dr David Jubb, Dr Richard Anderson, Dr. Paul Bragg, Dr Norman Walker, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr Max Gerson, Dr Robert Morse and many others, and is not just a healthier diet, but a training on how to easily and quickly eat healthier food that tastes delicious. And only eat food that tastes delicious!

Truly a training in survival on the highest quality food available, chefs who have received this training know how to generate a healthy meal in minutes. Not only are the meals quick and delicious, they inspire a gourmet experience. Trained chefs don’t just learn a number of recipes, but principles on how to create their own recipes based on the secrets of the human pallet and the highest quality ingredients. A certified SuperStyle Diet chef literally knows thousands of recipes because they know base recipes that can easily be altered to suit the occasion or desire of the body.

What makes it unique is it’s focus on fast, easy and delicious so that the average person can use this information to create their own daily healthy menu and lifestyle plan and actually be able to implement the teachings of great ones like Dr. Ornish and his peers.

How do I get certified?

Attend the Arnoux Goran Seminars training programs, apply for certification and take the required examination to receive your certification. The SuperStyle Diet is taught as part of The Foundation Training program, our 2nd course. Before you can get The Foundation, you’ll need to get The Solution, our 1st course.

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