The Goran Technique 

What is the Goran Technique?

The Goran Technique is a unique method of reprogramming the repeating thoughts and held beliefs in the unconscious mind while simultaneously releasing the attached emotion(s) from the cells of the body. It works to release negative emotions and beliefs from specific or isolated traumas in life as well as repeated or daily traumas. This allows you to truly feel better in a profound and deep way, to erase the past, to change the repeating thoughts in your head and the repeating emotions in your life.

It literally pulls the wool from over your eyes as it reprograms how you view the world so that the perspective from the old non-supportive beliefs no longer affects how you see life. Based on the proven concept that thoughts create reality, this process is one of the fastest and easiest ways today not only to release negative emotions and thoughts, but also to change your life. Thousands of people have used it effectively to release all types of fears, anger, sadness and other emotions producing extraordinary results in how they feel, their success levels in both finances and relationships. Some have even reported healing results in their body by using this process.

Where did it come from? The Goran Technique was developed through years of study and research by Arnoux Goran Seminars® founder and author, Arnoux (are-know) Goran. Arnoux was driven to discover how to permanently release negative emotions after an incredibly challenging childhood and terrible financial struggle in early adulthood. Through his research he discovered much of the workings and design of the mind, the system of how the mind works, and through this understanding was able to see easily how to remove unwanted thoughts and feelings from the mind. Through years of experimentation and working with clients Arnoux has created a 7-Step process by which many have also changed their lives.

How do I use it? One of the greatest benefits of The Goran Technique is that you can do it yourself with yourself and others. You can literally transform your life by using this process and you do not need to go to a practitioner to do so. Although many Goran Technique practitioners are available to assist you, all you need to do is learn how to use it and apply the steps. To learn the Goran Technique you need to attend the Arnoux Goran Seminars® training programs developed by Arnoux Goran. Both Basic (7SE) and Master (M7S) level certifications can be earned through their programs.

How does the Master level Goran Technique certification (M7S) differ from the Basic (7SE)? A master practitioner of the Goran Technique is able to use the process with themselves and others at twice the speed of a basic practitioner. They no longer need tools such as pen and paper or audio recorders to assist them. They have also attended further intense training programs with Arnoux Goran Seminars® giving them multiple other skills and tools including other reprogramming tools, as different issues sometimes require different technologies or tools to clear, and have powerful advanced training on the design of the human being, the mind and how to apply the Goran Technique more effectively.

How do I get certified? The Goran Technique is taught in The Foundation Training Program, our 2nd course. You’ll need to get The Solution 1st, and then The Foundation and then pass the exam. As of 2015, we offer The Goran Technique as a stand alone course. You can get certified from our Goran Technique Course. To begin your training you’ll need to get The Solution Audio Program or our Goran Technique Certification Course.

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