Arnoux Goran Seminars Professional Health Consultant

What is Professional Health Consulting?

Professional Health Consulting is the application of the information earned by a Nutrition and Detoxification Expert and practitioner of the Goran Technique in guided conversations which are both coaching and consulting based. A Professional Health Consultant helps someone to help themselves to achieve greater health results and success in life. PHC’s do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or heal anyone, they simply share valuable information in a skilled and powerful way that creates the inspiration and excitement for the individual to act and make changes in their life. The results of PHC can be astounding as PHC’s are armed with the most cutting edge physical and mental health information, and are trained in incredible 1-on-1 communication and coaching skills. The combination of these skills makes for one of the most exciting opportunities in life. PHC’s are trained to understand how human inspiration forms and how to bring out the absolute best in people along with applying their expert knowledge of health.

Where did it come from?

Professional Health Consulting was developed by Arnoux Goran Seminars® founder and author, Arnoux (are-know) Goran after years of working with clients in a 1-on-1 capacity guiding them to help themselves to achieve unbelievable results with their health and success in life. It was developed through real world experience and the attendance of various coaching programs, university, books, seminars and more. Arnoux is a Master Success Coach, Master NLP practitioner, Master of Hypnotherapy, Master of Timeline Techniques and Reiki Master and graduated from one of the top 20 schools in the world, the University of Washington with both a bachelors in business and complete pre-med training before he declined his admission to John Bastyr Naturopthic Medicine University in Seattle, WA.

How do I get certified?

You can become a Professional Health Consultant by attending the Arnoux Goran Seminars® training programs applying for certification and passing the exams. Both Basic (PHC) and Master (MPHC) level certifications can be earned through our programs. You’ll first need to take The Solution, then The Foundation and then you can take the Basic Consulting Training.

To be a Master Consultant you’ll also need to take The Breakthrough and Mastery. All of these courses are offered via audio recording which allows you to go at your own pace (no need to wait for a scheduled live coursed 1 year in the future!), and listen to the advanced information over and over again as you most likely will.

What is the difference between a Master and Basic PHC?

A Master PHC has attended the advanced personal development courses offered by Arnoux Goran Seminars® which includes a massive array of tools for health on all four parts of a human being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They are experts in another unique method of removing negative emotions discovered by Arnoux Goran as well as highly trained in helping people to discover their root causes and in the development of programs for their clients. They then attend the Master PHC training which is very intense and creates a completely different level of skill.

To attend the Master PHC training basic practitioners must complete 100 hours of practical application and will be given a sampling of the 350 question test which would take 6 hours to complete if given in it’s entirety. The average person, and average health practitioner of any fields, would not be able to answer but 10% of these high level health questions, if a single one. Master PHC’s are required to achieve an 95% or better score to pass and receive their Master’s certification.

Should I take Professional Health Consulting even if I don’t want to be a consultant?

Your journey towards being a Master Professional Health Consultant begins with The Solution. If you haven’t take The Solution:

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