Arnoux Goran Seminars
Certification Program

There are currently 11 Certifications Available Through Arnoux Goran Seminars. They can be earned by taking our training programs from home or in person and passing the corresponding exam. Please note that the exams are tough and you are likely to fail if you are not an exceptional student. Retaking the exams requires an additional fee.

The following are the Certifications available and their description is found by clicking on the title:


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the certifications accredited by an organization?

Our certifications are not accredited by a federal government board or the state of California. Arnoux only developed the training in the past 15 years. There’s isn’t an organization that understands what Arnoux does. Arnoux would like regulatory control over his programs or what is required to be certified. All certifications are offered by the organization that created them. As an example, if you think about who offers NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) certifications. The NLP organizations themselves do the certifications. Who do you think created the MD certification? The American Medical Association.

If you have a medical degree it just means that you took the training approved by the AMA. The only reason why it’s valuable is because everyone agrees that it’s valuable. They spent a lot of money making sure the other degrees or certifications such as Master herbalist, naturopath, and other forms of natural medicine were considered not valuable and tried very hard to discredit them. They also try to discredit the certification in chiropractic. How did someone come up with the idea of giving someone a certification for being able to pop someone’s back? It’s all about social proof, that’s what gives it the value.
The AMA spends millions of dollars to discredit other certifications to try to make them the standard. When you get your black belt you get certified by that teacher. There is not a federal government board that checks to see if every martial arts master is qualified to offer a certification according to their rules. If you earn that black belt then you can say you are a black belt of that style. The more popular the style the more valuable the certification becomes socially. NLP and hypnotherapy became very popular so their certifications carry weight in the minds of many people. But not everyone.
Some people say the Arnoux Goran Seminars  (AGS) certifications are the best you can get but they are not proof that the federal government certified you or approved that you got the training. The certs from AGS prove that you took the training and passed the exams. The more famous AGS becomes, the more in awe people are of your certs. It’s true for NLP, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics… for all holistic healing practices.  There’s isn’t a board or organization that gets Arnoux’s teachings. There’s no board in California or any other state or country that can certify the Goran Technique (and other certs) only Arnoux can grant that certification.
What are the benefits of getting certified?

The certificates from Arnoux Goran Seminars prove that you took the training and passed the exams. The more famous Arnoux Goran Seminars becomes, the more In awe people are of your certs. It’s true for NLP, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, for all holistic healing practices.  You can proudly display your certifications on the wall of your office for your clients to see.  You can show people the testimonial videos from our website and say, “I’m certified in these advanced methods.”

Dr. Robert Marshall of Premier Research Labs approves of Arnoux’s courses. People who are certified practitioners such as doctors, nurses, Chinese doctors, naturopathic doctors and  Arnoux Goran Seminars health consultants are only ones allowed to take his Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) courses. Once you are certified with us, you can take Dr. Marshall courses and sell his supplements. We believe his supplements are in the top 1% of the best quality supplements out there. Lastly, you can be listed on our consulting page. We can refer clients to you if you are one of our consultants.

What organization is giving out the certifications?

The Arnoux Goran Seminars certifications are given by Arnoux Goran, creator and designer of all of the courses, and founder of the organization.  There’s isn’t another organization in existence that understands what Arnoux does and cannot have regulatory control over his programs or what is required to be certified.  Only Arnoux Goran can grant the certifications.

The certifications are given on what grounds?

To earn a certification you must complete the required training and the corresponding exam.  Most certs require an 80% or better score to pass.  The Master level certs require a 95% or higher score on the exam to pass and earn the right to call yourself a master practitioner of that modality.  Good luck to those who wish to become certified in these methods.