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An awakened person with a closed mind?! What the heck is that?! Isn’t being awakened being open to all possibilities?! This objective discussion will provide answers that make good sense.

Arnoux Goran is a leader in the field of achieving higher consciousness, and his insightful perspective will help you to understand your own mental/spiritual development, while allowing for differences of opinions at the same time.

Your progress involves letting go of limiting beliefs, regardless of how long they have been held, if you examine them and see they are blocking your true happiness. Changing your mind or being flexible is an important ability, yet Arnoux’s answer at the end of the video may surprise you!

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Subtitles to the video:

Is it possible to be awake yet have a close mindset that is a great question and it depends very heavily on your definition of awake and also your definition of having a closed mindset I’m going to tell you my definitions of those two concepts and you can try them on and see if you like them or not but what’s really going to matter is what do you believe and your point of view is really going to be the real answer to this question from my point of view being awake means that you are aware that you are creating reality that you consciously and unconsciously are manifesting or attracting or creating reality in your life people who are asleep don’t believe that they’re creating anything they think it’s all random or it’s destiny or fate or it’s just hard work and whatever you do and they don’t believe in this idea that they can manifest or create reality when problems occur in their life they don’t take responsibility for them because they’re not creating anything so it’s just life and i think that’s where a lot of people are for me personally I’m very aware that my thoughts are creating reality and i found it quite shocking in my early 20s when one of my family members said that your thoughts have nothing to do with reality.

Because I thought my whole life up until that point that everyone knew that your thoughts create reality i seem to have been born knowing it like it’s just common sense that thoughts create reality and what you’re feeling and putting out into the universe is going to attract that experience into your life and that what you’re thinking about is what you’re creating i thought that was just a known fact for every human being but apparently it’s not and so that’s how i define an awakened person as someone who’s very aware of that and a really awakened person who’s creating consciously is probably visualizing goals writing them down in cursive if you don’t understand why it needs to be in cursive that’s a whole other class but it does seem to be incursive there’s lots of different ways to put your intentions out there but what often happens to people who are consciously creating or who are awakened is that they get frustrated and want to give up on the idea because they attract things into their life that they did not consciously intend it’s really hard to take responsibility for problems that are epic or tragic occurring in your life and you might want to say or someone might want to say I’m not creating this I’m not creating reality this is all bs’s all new age bullcrap or wherever you learned it from this is all law of attraction is garbage and i understand how someone could feel that way and the reason why we attract the negative things into our life that we did not ask for did not intend for to not visualize and not make a vision board for is.

Because we have unconscious thoughts we have unconscious patterns that just run they just run in the background like how different processes run on your computer without you really noticing they’re not on the screen you’re not hearing those negative thoughts usually or if you do hear them they’re very fleeting and then they end up attracting into your life something negative and then we feel like it’s happening to us and we don’t it’s hard to connect that we had something inside of us that attracted that experience now there is a way to connect it so that you can know for sure that you attracted the experience do you want to know what it is this is one of my secret coaching tips that you’ll learn if you ever take my course the seven steps to reprogramming yourself okay this is how you can identify where the unconscious pattern is inside of you that’s attracting a problem into your life think about a specific problem i mean a real one go ahead take a moment think about a real problem you’re dealing with in your life right now maybe it’s a financial problem a relationship problem a health problem think about a real problem and go ahead and take a moment you can close your eye eyes and take a deep breath and i want you to ask yourself how does it make me feel that i have this problem now where do you feel that emotion in your body and what is the size and shape of it you have identified a ball usually not always the size of a ball you’ve identified a ball of thoughts squished together into a rock that feels like a tremendous horrible emotion.

It’s actually thoughts inside of that ball the seven steps three programming yourself is a process by which you can erase the entire thing permanently and forever i don’t know if any better faster way otherwise i would teach you that so that’s what we use the seven steps three programming yourself and then we erase these negative thoughts and feelings from the unconscious mind so we stop attracting those patterns it works the same if you’re trying to create a goal your unconscious patterns block the goal from coming in okay so the basic idea is that we’re creators and someone who is awakened to that fact and possibly learning how to master the art form of manifesting what they desire is an awakened person in my view right I’m just telling you my point of view what how i define it of course i respect everyone’s point of view now to answer the question fully can an awakened person have a closed mind well what does it mean to have a closed mind to me it means that you’re not willing to listen to or hear read about any ideas or any evidence that’s contrary to something you already believe strongly which i find to be very limiting in general i like what Jim Rohn said Jim around the super famous historical teacher inspired Tony Robbins  I love Jim Rohn I’ve I can talk about him for a while.

But Jim said it’s silly for me and I’m paraphrasing it’s silly for me to expect other people to believe what i believe when what i believe keeps changing as i get more knowledge and experience so as we have an open mind we learn new things and our beliefs can adapt and adjust and change to that and that’s actually how civilization evolves at least partly as we begin to let go of limiting beliefs that clearly aren’t true and are not useful they’re not positive they’re not happy and they don’t lead to happy experiences in life and so every individual has a responsibility to do that to examine every single thing that we believe and decide if these beliefs align with truth or with us achieving the life that we’ve always dreamed of achieving and if they’re going to cause us to be happy in the long run and so if you’re closed-minded it means you’re not willing to examine certain beliefs or even certain areas of life a lot of people are very close-minded about nutrition and about health because they’re very certain about what they know and they won’t listen to any contrary evidence they’ll say oh well my doctor said or my so and so said and therefore it can’t possibly be different than what they said and I’m not saying that doctors are saying something wrong I’m just giving an example .

For example someone might tell you that your diet plays a large role in having diabetes type two and so but you might have a very firm belief that that’s impossible and it’s not related well who’s right there a closed-minded person won’t listen to any new ideas or any evidence but an open-minded person will say well if that’s really true then show me some evidence help me to see why you have this point of view and then i can see if i want to adopt your point of view i can even take this evidence to my source of my beliefs and compare them and have a conversation and start to get to the bottom of does my diet actually have an effect on type 2 diabetes or not just in case you’re wondering there’s a professional football player named Patrick Peterson one of the greatest players in the NFL who cured himself of type 2 diabetes oh i said the bad c word didn’t i sorry we’ll delete that right just kidding and they literally said on national tv that you can get rid of type 2 diabetes with diet that’s what a reporter said a journalist does that make it true no it doesn’t make it true well what makes it true that’s a other longer conversation isn’t it I’m very interested in things that work in real life so does changing your diet have an effect on your health in real life it seems like the answer would be yes but maybe someone is very close-minded and will say your diet has nothing to do with your health well that’s what i mean by being close-minded they won’t consider other ideas they’re locked in and rigid about what they believe and some people are very locked and rigid on everything that they believe and they never really get to grow very much because they won’t hear any other opinions they won’t read more books that might be contrary to what they believe.

Okay so can you be awakened and have a closed mind absolutely because you can be aware you’re creating a reality and not be willing to listen to different ideas on various subjects maybe not every subject but even even if you’re close-minded on one subject then you’re closed minded on one subject there’s a saying that comes from Zen which is believe nothing and i don’t think it means that you should have no beliefs because then you have no structure to reality i think what it really means is that we need to be open with every belief that we have that it could be re-examined and changed out there’s a great book series called conversations with god and in the book series he said you could imagine the belief systems of your mind being like a brick house and it’s your job to go through all the bricks in the house and check them one by one and see if they’re cracked and not a good foundation to have a house and then you can replace them with a really strong brick and therefore eventually your whole mindset your whole belief system will be powerful and strong and not easily broken because you’ve already done a lot of research or thinking about each one of those beliefs that you have now this requires work doesn’t it you actually have to think about what you believe and make decisions about what you’re going to choose to believe and be open to changing it as time goes on.

I think we have a mentality in America and about the whole planet that once you’ve made a decision about something you’re not allowed to change it and that’s not very healthy sometimes it’s really important to change your mind because you get new evidence that says oh this first decision was very unhealthy and manipulators will try to get you to promise things that are bad for you and then hold it against you because if you don’t keep your word then you’re a bad person and you have no integrity but the reality is if you make a promise under duress it’s not legal in court because that’s not right and if you make a promise and later realize this is not the right thing then you can always go back and have a conversation with that person and tell them you know after learning some new things i realize this isn’t really going to work out in the way that we originally agreed can we change our agreement and that’s called being flexible.

So I know I went off in a little bit of a tangent there with belief systems but i think that’s really what the question is about is can we be close-minded and be awake at the same time and from my point of view the answer is absolutely yes and hopefully we’ll create more awaken people and more open-minded people as a result of this video hopefully I’ll get to see you soon make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet my name is Arnoux Goran I’ve got tons of videos that are free and I’ve even got some webinars that are free go ahead and click on the link below if you want to learn more about all of our training programs I’ll see you soon