Kids 17 and under can attend the live course for free! They must be accompanied by a registered adult, and this can be a relative or mentor with the parent’s permission.

We are always in awe of how quickly kids catch on to the 7 Step process, and how readily they use it to help others. Children ages 8 or 9 seem to be mature enough for getting the most out of the seminar, yet even 6 year old’s have demonstrated a basic understanding of the material. In the “Design of the Mind” section of the course you’ll learn what makes these early years of life ideal for learning, and how learning the 7 Steps will empower them for a lifetime.

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the Video:

Can kids attend the seven steps reprogramming Ursel of course yes they can kids 17 and under or free what is the age that a child needs to be to attend the seven steps through programming yourself course in person well generally the age of eight or nine is where they start to become the chair enough to attend the course and really enjoy it I remember we had a nine year old named Victoria take all of our courses and we have a lot of courses and she’s sat and colored the whole time and I knew she was a listening I knew she was watching on the very last day at the very last course I asked her if she’d like to share we never asked people to share anything but I just wanted to give her a chance because you know she’s only nine and she came up on stage and she got on the microphone and she said well what I want to share is that I had a sleepover with my friend.

And my friend has a nightlight but I don’t and so my friend couldn’t go to sleep because she’s afraid of the dark so I did the seven steps reprogramming yourself with her and he raced her fear of the dark and we went to sleep isn’t that crazy I told this story for years and then this year someone said that she was having a sleepover with her friend’s son and her friend wanted to go home because he was upset and he was afraid and they were about to call his mom and have her come pick him up and send him home so he was about five or six and he wanted to go home and the the daughter the friend who’s also five or six years old say wait mom don’t call his mom yet and and send him home let me do the seven steps with him yeah.

And so these little kids are doing the seven steps and they erased all of his his upset feelings and he wanted to stay so even a child who’s younger than eight can understand and do the seven steps but to actually come and sit in the course and take it for all three days I’ve had six-year-olds they’re usually very mature and gifted for their age generally age nine is the best age for someone to be and sometimes even a little bit older than that depending on their maturity level it’s fine for them to sit in the course in color or play games I recommend that they color because they’ll be better able to listen and learn everything