By Erasing My Emotional Pain, The Pain in My Kidney is Gone!

Subtitles to the Video:


Okay so when we did the muscle testing no matter who did it I was not willing to do an ERT for some reason anyway Arno came over and and we talked a little bit and figured out that I have some fear and anger because I have I have only one kidney and and that kidney is I’m having trouble with it so finally suggested that I go home and do southern stepping on on the fear in the anger about my kidney and so I did that and you know I always I always have like an 8 back here it’s like it’s just to remind me that it’s there and and after I told Arnoux about you know about my kidney.

It started hurting and in it hurt when I got home you know when I got to the hotel room it was still hurting and I did the son of death in my head and and this morning I have no pain at all I don’t even have that ache and and I feel healthy and I think you know when I walked in somebody told me to go look at the first picture I took when I got here and then to go look at myself in the mirror and I did that and I see a difference even my face is has color in it and and so I’m feeling really really healthy and I’m like Chris I’m getting rid of some stuff

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