Brandi Erases the Blockage to Healing Herself Using the 7 Steps

How to Erase the Blockage that is Blocking You From Erasing Blockages

Sometimes we are able to do things for others, but not for ourselves. Brandi learned the 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself a few months prior, but she wasn’t able to fully work on herself. She erased the blockage, “Not Free to Create My Destiny” and she was finally able to work on own her issues. We call this a “Catch 22”. Great job Brandi!

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the Video:

But feel like I cleared like 90% of it 95% of it at first I thought it was like oh it’s gone but then as soon as I really calmed down because it was super super emotional and they want to tell you all what I just went through but a couple people know and I’m so so grateful for Arno and Chris being there for me because I really needed that so what I cleared harmlessly cleared was the blockage of doing this for myself because I think I’ve been successful with helping a couple very close people in my life to clear for them and be of assistance and hold that space for them but when it comes to myself I can clear like the little things or I was able to clear what wasn’t very significant or that seemed very significant but the main thing that I had was why am i blocking myself what what is that and Chris was helping me a lot in the beginning and then all throughout so thank you but once our Noah was there really you know asking those questions because that’s what I needed and actually sometimes when I throw on my own at home I visualize you haven’t give me that question and that’s kind of so that helps me when I’m by myself but I don’t have a clearing buddy I just visualize the other person asking me that question.

And then sometimes I feel kind of crazy but it’s okay because it gets the work done so I guess whatever tool we have to use whatever this visualization we have to do is get read but so you were clearing your ability to do the seven steps for yourself especially on big issues yes and you cleared maybe 95 percent 90% of it do you feel a lot better oh yeah yeah a lot lot better and I think that’s what was I don’t know what that block was but obviously there was something there and still not sure what it was but I know a lot of it’s gone so I’m gonna go back and see what’s left may I add since I was an observer yes yes it was a block that you are not free to create your dreams.

And the seven steps could allow you to do that and so that’s why weren’t able to do it because there you are unless there’s still five percent left which then of course you’re gonna clear that yeah there’s there’s something there I gotta figure out what that is yeah it might be really new to the same thing that we were clearing or it might just be some kind of attachment that’s similar to that I don’t know that but that’s what I said the intention to find out can you guys know can you finish it tonight yes all right give it a big hand the results and benefits of our training are only available to members of our private association to learn more call 8776808200 or visit