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Subtitles to the video:

You can affect the way that people treat you you can actually cause other people’s behavior to change just by working on yourself I know it’s difficult to believe that other people’s behavior can be affected by you removing some pain or negative emotion or negative thinking from yourself but it can be done and I can teach you how to do it welcome to the second video my name is Arnoux Goran in the first video in this series I talked about the number one and only rule of having amazing relationships and if you haven’t watched that video pause this one and watch that one first because I’m gonna be building on top of the first video and I really want to help you to have amazing relationships this is the second part so go ahead and watch the first part and then come on back if you haven’t if you’ve watched it you’re in the perfect place at the perfect time you probably remember from the first video that you are responsible for your feelings and no one can make you feel anything and what’s really beautiful about that is that other people then become your mirror how they react and respond to life can then trigger things in you and if you’re responsible for how you feel that person is your mirror they’re showing you something in you to work on just like in the example of Michelangelo on the Statue of David they’re showing you a piece of stone on the beautiful perfect design.

That you are but you can remove to really be your authentic self and what happens in life is you’ll have someone push your button they’ll do something they’ll say something they’ll cut you off in traffic they’ll look at you and they won’t smile something or they’ll even be mean to you and you’ll get your button pushed which means you’ll have a negative emotional response to the circumstances around you or to their behavior now the natural or the common thing to do is say they they they made me feel this way and the number-one rule is they can’t make you feel anything but they can push your button and when someone pushes your button they are now mirroring to you your issue to work on they’re showing you who you’re being they’re showing you what’s off in you and if you can take it that way of course you’re gonna transform and become someone even more amazing than you’ve known yourself to be up until now but it also can affect your relationship with them when you work on yourself now let me make it really clear to you there is a way to remove buttons permanently maybe you’ve been told there is no way maybe you’ve tried a lot of different ways and they didn’t work or the only works temporarily well that’s mostly what you’ll find out there in the world but there is now a way to remove buttons permanently it’s called the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and there are actually three other tools that you’ll learn from me that will help you to remove these buttons in a permanent way.

And what happens when you do that what happens when someone is mirroring to you an issue and then you clear that issue out there’s three things that could happen the first thing that can happen is that that person’s behavior actually changes and they stop being the way they were being the second thing that can happen is that they still act the same way but you’re no longer affected like with me and my grandma because you don’t have the button anymore the third thing that can happen is they actually disappear from your life let me give you an example so the very first person that I taught the seven steps reprogramming yourself to was named Tamara when I taught it to a lot of people before that but none of them could get it it’s literally taken me over a decade to figure out how to teach it so that 100% of people understand it and can use it one of the biggest schools in the world the University of California Irvine which is currently the 42nd ranked school in the world studied my program and in their study they found that 100 percent of the participants said they’ve released negative emotions permanently and that they could do it on their own after so I have figured out how to teach it to everyone and Tamara was the first one who actually got it way way back in 2003 and literally the day after she learned it from me and understood it she said to me that day I taught it to her Arno I’ve been looking for this for 10 years I’ve taken so many courses I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars you figured it out and I said yeah I know so the next day she calls me at midnight crying we were very close friends obviously and I said what’s wrong and she said my mom to kill my mom I went to blow her up.

I need a bazooka I need a tank I want to blow my mom to smithereens and so what happened well she had been living on her own since she was 18 she was 33 so for the first time in 15 years she moved back home to her mom’s place and her ranch in Palm Desert in Southern California and when she got there her mom told her well I use your room as a guest room and I have since he moved out and I’ve got friends coming here next month so they’re gonna stay in your room and you’re gonna sleep on the couch while they’re here okay and she just got so triggered her button got pushed to the max and she literally wanted to blow her mom up filter her when I blow her up I need a tank I said okay let’s start clearing this out so we do the seven steps and we start erasing any racing and erasing all of her anger and her rage and then there was fear and what she was afraid of was that her mom’s friends would steal her stuff out of her room her sacred personal stuff like her jewelry and her clothes and things that matter to her even her books and as we kept clearing and clearing and clearing the layers it didn’t take that long the average time to clear something is 20 minutes some things take a lot longer some things take less time the average is 20 minutes she says to me I remember what happened when I was seven years old all the girls in my first-grade class were really into lip balm and they all had lip balm and I never had anything one day I finally got my lip balm and I couldn’t wait till lunchtime to show all the other girls in class my lip balm and when it was less I went into my bag to grab my lip balm and it wasn’t there somebody had stolen it and then I didn’t say anything it so I felt like a chicken and I was like wow that’s the really interesting beginning to your pattern she said yeah and actually every boyfriend I’ve ever dated and all of my siblings have all stolen from me throughout my life so that’s a repeating pattern that’s what happened so she started repeating the pattern of how people steal from her.

I’m sure you’re thinking that would never happen to me my siblings wouldn’t all steal from me not every person I’ve dated stolen from me well that happened to her because I was her pattern she was actually attracting that recurring experience so we finished clearing out the whole thing and then we created the new programming to take the place of the old programming which is part of what the seven steps does and there’s a way to make it permanent which is really unique to my process the next day she calls me she says I cannot believe what happened I woke up in the morning and I realized that across the hall from my room is this other room that my mom uses for storage it has a bed in it but there’s boxes everywhere in the whole beds covered with boxes so I took all the boxes out and put them in the big storage out so I could there was room out there and then I just saw this room had a bed with a you know covering and pillows but no decoration so I decorated the room from other parts of the house and created the Southwest style bedroom and I said mom I want to show you something and I showed my mom and she said oh Tamra this is so nice of you do you want me to put a lock on your bedroom door she said I don’t understand or know why my mom changed she was being such a raging b.i you know what I mean she was being awful she was terrible she was being such a jerk and now this morning she’s being so nice and she actually offered to do the thing that I wanted I didn’t even tell her that that was what I wanted I wanted a lock on my door and she offered it without me even saying that that was what I wanted when just yesterday .

She was being terrible I don’t understand how me changing could cause her to change and I said Tamra you were being a certain way you were putting out a certain energy you were putting out a vibe and it was very prickly very defensive very angry until your mom responded directly to that vibe she responded also being defensive she had a matching issue with you but when you got rid of your anger and fear and all that stuff and you chose to be something else which obviously was productive and clever and intelligent and all kinds of great things that you created to be your mom responded to how you were being someone else in a different way naturally of course she responded differently because you were being different you know how it works energetically is like one person has this emotion that we would call the button and it’s like a rock of energy inside of you and the other person has a rock of energy that acts like a matching magnet once positive ones negative charge and they attract each other if one person gets rid of their magnet the other ones deactivates until your mom’s ish you her anger that she was displaying yesterday it’s still there inside of her it’s just not triggered anymore because you yourself are not pushing her button anymore because you don’t have the matching issue she was like oh I totally get it so this is an example when someone else’s behavior changes because you cleared something of your own just like with me and my grandma which I covered in the first video but I said there’s two other things that could happen.

Let me give you another example so Ernest is this great guy he was a junior deacon at his church when I first met him and after going through my training for a year he became the pastor of his church which I was pretty proud of because he said he wouldn’t have done that without my help Ernest is this amazing guy very kind very talented and his day job was working helping people who were at risk for HIV to get tested very noble job if you think about it and one day during our training he said I don’t want to go to work anymore and I said why not Ernest and he said because there’s this gangster at work that always attacks me and everyone else too and I can’t stand him I don’t want to go there and see him anymore and I said well Ernest how does it make you feel that this person behaves this way he says I feel really angry and said okay Ernest your job is to use the 7 steps through programming yourself and clear the anger before our next teleconference next week at that time we were doing a weekly teleconference so the next week I asked for Ernest to come on the call Ernest can you share what happened did you clear your anger he said yeah I did the 7 steps all my anger was gone and then the next day when I went to work he didn’t work there anymore I said doesn’t he didn’t work there anymore no he quit he’s gone he doesn’t work there anymore he disappeared from Ernest reality I have lots and lots of examples of exactly that they literally just go away because now they don’t have that attractive magnet that drew them into your experience in the first place this explains why we keep attracting the same problems in our love life where the person has the same issue as the person before in the person before because we have a magnet in us that attracts that same pattern and that’s how you break the pattern is you clear out your own self not focus on the other person.

Because you’re gonna keep just attracting the same thing just in different people the third thing that can happen is that they are the same way but you’re not affected and that’s actually happened my grandma I’m a spoke there she still said I wish you’d get your life together but I didn’t I wasn’t bothered anymore and I have a good example of that one actually have a lot of good examples oh that one one of my favorite ones is back in 2005 this guy that worked at a real estate office said I don’t like going to work because there’s this girl there that always says he’s really annoying things and really ticks me off and I just don’t want to go to work they don’t want to see her and I said use the 7 substrate programming yourself and erase all the feelings that she triggers in you so the next week also was a teleconference she comes back on the phone and she says you’re not gonna believe what happened I erased all my feelings I went to work and that same girl came up and stood right in front of me instead the same stuff that she always says and it didn’t bother me at all in fact I felt like laughing because it was so silly that I bothered me in the first place and that she was still saying the same stupid stuff and it wasn’t even worth saying and I just was completely not bothered and it’s so freeing and empowering and then she said can I use this on my in-laws right there’s so many good examples of how working on yourself can affect people around you I’m gonna give you one more because you’re gonna see that not only can it affect one person they can actually affect the whole family so I had this lady Janet come to my course in 2017 the three day seven steps reprogramming yourself course which you can watch online too and during the course on Sunday which is what’s the third day.

She gets up on stage with the microphone and tells everybody in the big big auditorium that the reason why she signed up for the course was that she has been yelling at her husband and she was 22 years old and she was 60 something so for over 40 years she’d been yelling at him knowing the whole time that he didn’t deserve it but she couldn’t make herself stop and so she wanted to come to the course to get rid of that and so she worked on it and worked on it on the second day and she thought all the anger was gone so then she went home and she found that her husband was very upset he had gotten into a big fight with their son and grandson and so she listening to him tell her the story and she said I was waiting for all the things to come in and for me to start getting angry and for the the thoughts that come in to yell at him but nothing nothing happened nothing was coming in I was just listening and listening and listening and finally when he was done talking all I heard in my mind was just be calm so I told him I said just be calm so I called my son who is usually very rude and he said he was sorry which never ever ever would he had ever done that before then I called my grandson and he insisted on doing face time with his grandfather so he could apologize to his grandfather’s face this had never happened before this type of situation occurred in my family often and usually it would go on for days and days and days and it was literally gone in minutes it wasn’t that it was amazing and then she said but I really knew it was gone.

When I saw the aunts because my husband she said would kill the ants in our house with Windex and just leave them there all dead and it used to make me so mad and when I saw the ants I didn’t get mad I just cleaned them up and that’s how I knew that it worked and so in this case Janet’s working on herself actually affected her whole family not just the other person that she was matched with because the whole family had a matching pattern that was spinning around and continuing to replay and replay and replay and she cleared the pattern by healing herself isn’t this powerful that you can actually take power in your relationships and change them by following the first rule which is the I’m responsible for all my feelings of course you have to learn how to get rid of your buttons but it’s so I think inspiring to know that you can cause that much of a change in your environment and with the people that you love and care about just by working on you now in the next video I’m gonna share more about this I’m going to talk to you more about the ways that you can get rid of all the baggage that you have and how repeating patterns occur and where they come from we’re gonna get into some more I would say exciting information about intimacy would you like to know how to create amazing intimacy with someone whether it’s like a child where they feel like they can tell you anything or your lover because would not be great so that’s what’s gonna be coming up in the next few videos keep watching my name is Arnoux