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Arnoux (are-know) Goran is the Founder of Arnoux Goran Seminars (AKA Total Health Mastery) the world’s most scientifically advanced health education system in existence today!

After being told by his doctors that he would never recover from his illness and would undoubtedly die, he cured himself of several “incurable” diseases. He went on to design the seminar series that changes and saves lives.

Arnoux Goran Seminars (AKA Total Health Mastery) clients regularly achieve results most people would consider impossible. Arnoux is the inventor of The Goran Technique (The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself), Goran Technique II (The 5 Step Emotional Eraser), How to Cleanse the Body Without Cleansing Reactions, and How to Overcome Addictions Without Willpower.

He has been a featured speaker on Pacifica Radio, The Best from East to West, and other media outlets at major expos and corporations such as Allergan and The Health Freedom Expo.

His passion for health grew after he cured himself of several incurable diseases after his doctors told him, “You won’t be around much longer.” He had arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, candida, ulcers, hemorrhoids, allergies, asthma, hypoglycemia, anemia, total adrenal failure, and more.

He has lived in better-than-perfect health for over nine years now. He has witnessed many people recover from supposedly “incurable” diseases during their experience with Total Health Mastery Seminar Series, including cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and more.

Arnoux earned his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Washington. Then, while studying pre-med courses at U of W, he tutored at Edmonds College, for which he earned honors.

Arnoux is a black belt in Martial Arts and became an instructor under the tutelage of Won Kim, son of Bok Man Kim, co-founder of Tae Kwon Do. He went on to assist in opening several successful Martial Arts Gymnasiums.

After turning down acceptance at the top Naturopathic Medical School, Bastyr University, due to several compound illnesses and near death, Arnoux became passionate about health.

Through the guidance of God and many answered prayers, study, courses, and self-diagnostic treatments, Arnoux completely recovered from all his illnesses, including those mental and emotional in nature.

A certified gourmet living food chef, Arnoux has been exploring human design and healing for over a decade and has coached numerous people to achieve self-mastery.

Arnoux currently leads seminars, consults, and offers presentations. Arnoux also holds Master’s certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Timeline Dynamics, Success Coaching, and Reiki, and according to some authors and experts, Arnoux has a Ph.D. in results.

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Hi my name is Arnoux Goran and in this video I’d like to share with you a little bit about how I became the world’s top health educator and the founder of Total Health Mastery.

My beginnings were not just humble they were horrific. I literally grew up in hell my parents both being deaf. Were smoking freebase cocaine constantly and that consumed their life and everything that they cared about and so myself and my two younger brothers we were pretty much insignificant. Except we were great you know sounding boards to scream out and yell out and treat like crap honestly and for me you know it was difficult to grow up without attention without affection I remember going to the dentist twice in my entire first 20 years of life and being told that so many cavities and never went back. Because my parents simply didn’t make it a priority to take care of my teeth or anything else like that.

When I was in my early 20s I remember realizing wow I haven’t had anything to eat today and it was just a normal thing for me to skip eating from the entire day because I was used to being hungry. There was a four year period when I was a kid where every single month for an entire week we didn’t get to eat except for maybe one meal a day at school and so being hungry was just what I was used to being cold was what I was used to.

It was really shocking for me to realize I just need more blankets and I didn’t have to be cold every night. And that sort of bringing really destroyed me mentally and emotionally, I was pretty messed up and physically. That’s a big reason, it’s a big part of why I was so sick as a kid and forced me down this different path I’m very grateful actually for the way that I grew up. Because it showed me that I needed without question to learn how to fix and rebuild myself I had to learn how to rebuild myself physically emotionally mentally and spiritually and I did everything that I could to do that seminars, books, university, martial arts training. 

I went to every avenue that I could find to learn how to rebuild myself and heal myself and then of course naturally I had to share with other people what I found out because I was thought that was gonna die. You know I had Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis. They told me I had Anemia,Hypoglycemia and Candida. Basically I was in pain all the time. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was sleeping 12 hours a day. I just felt horrible. Blood was coming out of me at every bowel movement for over five years. And every doctor I went to said you’re never going to get better.

Here I was a young man still in college and no one could help me. And I hid it. I hid my illness and all my pain very well. I was embarrassed. I felt like something was wrong with me. So, it was hard for people to get to know how messed up I was. Cause I hid it away.  But I eventually couldn’t teach martial arts, or even train, I couldn’t work ,I couldn’t go to school, even halftime, I literally couldn’t even handle two college classes with nothing else to do I was so sick. My memory was so bad I couldn’t even remember what I was learning, I would read the textbook and I would forget.

Which was such a far cry from how I was growing up, because I was very gifted and fortunately so, because that’s what really allowed me to when I heard a doctor say “there’s nothing we can do for you and you’ll never get better”, to not believe them. I thought well maybe you don’t know how I can get better, but I’m gonna figure it out. And I eventually did I did figure out how to heal myself, and I did fix my body and I created a total health mastery training program out of that.

It’s been so fulfilling and incredible to watch the thousands of people can be healed or healed himself I should say. Just by learning to do the things that I did that worked for me. It wasn’t just physical healing though it wasn’t just fixing my body. I was more mess up, I would say emotionally and mentally, so much trauma, so much pain, so much weight. I felt like I was carrying around a thousand bricks everywhere I went. Because my way of dealing with you know being screamed at, or being abused, or being a hit, or not having food or, being told essentially without any words that we don’t care about you, over and over and over again my entire childhood.

What it did for me was it just taught me to be strong. I just piled everything away and I never dealt with it. I didn’t know how to deal with all those feelings, and all those emotions and they just weighed me down more and more and more. Until I became just depressed and learning how to release one brick of emotional pain at a time until they’re all gone was one of the greatest discoveries of my life.

I actually think it might be one of the greatest discoveries ever.  Because I couldn’t find anyone, anywhere, who could teach me whether it was by book, video, audio, seminar. I couldn’t find a single way to permanently release the emotional pain of my the past. So I literally prayed to God to show me how.   And when I discovered what’s now called the seven steps reprogramming yourself (The Goran Technique I) I felt like I had discovered the keys of the kingdom of heaven on earth that I had figured out how to release emotional pain permanently

And when I started working with people. I mean there was nothing that it didn’t work on. If someone had been abused by their family, if they had been raped, if they had witnessed a murder, if they had grown up poor, like whatever happened to them The Seven Steps (Goran Technique) worked to erase that pain.

And changed their whole life and sometimes even impacted their physical body, as their physical body was storing the emotions literally chemically. And here I was just not just healing myself. But actually watching other people, get the same or even a bigger benefit than I was. Rebuilding their mind, their body, their emotions and as time went on. I realized, I needed other tools and other methods and so I invented the Five-step Emotional Eraser (Goran Technique II). I created the Completion Training. I created the Emotional Repolarization Technique.  (All three these class are all apart of the Life Transformation Class)

In a completely different way than anyone’s ever done it, or taught it. And these four tools, really have created and are the result of years of study and have created a way for anyone to heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually things that supposedly could never be fixed. And never be healed you know. I’ve talked to people who have master’s degrees and PhDs in psychology and they say, “well, you just learn to deal with it”. What if you could actually permanently get it out of your mind, body, and spirit, in every way. So that when you thought about those things that happened to you there’d be nothing there except the memory but no pain, no trigger, no charge, the button completely deactivated, removed. I learned how to erase that stuff and deactivate those repeating patterns in life, and it has implications all across the board to changing your life.

So I’ve been extremely blessed that I grew up in the hellacious way that I did, because it’s allowed me to share with so many people, all this information that I used, to change my life. The amount of fulfillment

I have felt is is unprecedented. I mean, I would almost cry, when people would share their success stories in front of the audience. Person after person after person sharing unbelievable things about how they are off their insulin, Or you know they’re no longer angry at their mom, after their mom abuse them their whole life. Or whatever it is they got a 12,000 dollar year raise. They became the top person at their company, out of 2,000 people.
Whatever they did as a result of going through my training it was unbelievable. And I was very blown away and the experience that I’ve been able to have to sharing this information when people have been… Well, I’m very grateful and it’s truly a blessing.

So, I’m not upset about how I grew up, that’s what forced me to learn everything I’ve learned, and to build everything I built and to really go down this path and honestly I wouldn’t have been chosen any other way. And what I’m excited about now is we’re moving from helping thousands of people to helping millions of people. I’m gonna have over a thousand testimonials already. I can’t wait till I have a million written testimonials. I have hundreds of testimonial videos what if I had a few thousand testimonial videos. That’s what it’s all about, it’s all about helping more people and making a bigger difference. Ao there’s anything that I can do to help you, please let me know.
My training program has ten courses it’s called total health mastery (Arnoux Goran Seminars) the first course is called,

The solution, it’s 13 hours long, it’s available globally you can listen to it on your smart phone, on your tablet, on your computer, and just press play it’s right there for you. You can listen in your car and it’s… I have a stack of feedback forms that say it’s the best seminar I’ve ever been to in my life and I’m so grateful that people think that highly of my work and for you if you want to get started just go to the website and read about it and you know click get started and there you go.

You could actually start getting this information right away and that would be a blessing for me and please remember to record your before video. I’ve got so many people who wish they had a before video, because their life changed so much and they don’t have any proof of how I messed up it was before, no pictures, nothing. So that’s a really good idea and then you can cut your after video and I’m looking forward to seeing that. So thanks again for listening to me share my story of how my life developed and how I got to this point and how I became the world’s top health educator.

Thank You
Arnoux Goran Founder
Goran Tecnhnique I & II