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how can i stop myself from being sad all the time wow what a powerful question how can i not be sad how do i stop being sad how do i feel happy this is not the opposite of sadness people who don’t feel sad all the time don’t often understand people who do feel sad all the time it’s like this horrible experience of suffering some people think that ignorance is bliss but honestly if you’re sad all the time and you don’t know how to stop being sad that is not bliss that is horrible that is the definition of suffering is to be stuck in a negative repeating pattern and not be able to get out of it you said all the time that’s exactly what’s happening and unfortunately in the year 2020 the world doesn’t know how to fix that problem in general if you if you go to Oxford or Harvard or Yale or Ucla or the greatest schools in the world and pay 50 60 000 a year and get a bachelor’s degree and then get a master’s degree and then get a PhD in psychology you will not know how to erase sadness permanently so if you go to someone like that and pay them 500 an hour they’re not going to be able to erase your sadness permanently unless they learn some other method the thing is I was on the radio recently with a psychologist an md or actually psychiatrist excuse me Dr. Michael McGee and he took my course the seven steps to reprogramming yourself i actually never met Michael in person Dr. Mike he took it online by watching the recording of me teaching it so you can go at your own pace and then he interviewed me and he said to me or no in the world of psychology today in the top universities what they teach people is that it’s impossible to erase negative emotions permanently that you’ll have them forever and if terrible things happen to you in your past you’ll always feel bad about those things and it’s impossible to change it they even have studies to prove that you’re stuck forever and he said the fact that you’re saying that you can erase negative emotions permanently is a radical statement in the world of psychology I’m saying it again it can do that he said the fact that you can actually do it makes you a genius that’s who you’re talking to right now I’m the guy that figured out how to go into the human being into the human design and take out negative emotions and their corresponding negative thoughts permanently that means someone who is perpetually sad can become someone who is perpetually happy this has been believed and taught for centuries to be impossible and yet it never was impossible.
It’s just that people didn’t know how to do it it’d be like saying 500 years ago that you could have a little piece of plastic and you could push a little on the flat screen and then call and talk to someone by video on the other side of the world you do that now all the time it’s called a smartphone but 500 years ago it was inconceivable and in 2020 for most people it’s been inconceivable that you could get rid of your sadness forever but it’s been figured out i figured it out in may of 2003 and it’s been my life’s mission to make sure everyone learns how to do it thousands of people have done just that and people have said on video in front of big audiences that they’re not sad anymore who were sad their whole life sometimes or since their childhood how does that work how do you do that well think about your sadness as being programming stuck inside the unconscious mind the conscious mind is your awareness of reality your ability to hear yourself think okay that’s you listening to your thoughts you’re conscious of your thoughts you’re not your thoughts they’re just popping up you can generate thoughts on purpose that’s conscious that’s taking that willpower and choosing to think something okay but the unconscious mind is something different the unconscious mind is the recording and programming of all the different things that you’ve been taught and heard and thought and said throughout your childhood and before because you also inherit from your parents and your ancestry all their negative programming so you’re born with it and you get more up until you’re 13. between the age of 8 and 13 you get protection on the unconscious mind 95 of people have protection that actually makes it so it’s all locked and sealed in place and you can’t change it which is why almost every other method on the planet doesn’t work and why so many people say it’s impossible because it seems impossible because they don’t understand.
What I’m telling you right now on the very first day of the seven steps to reprogramming yourself course you’re going to learn the design of the human mind and that’s one of the things you learn is that the unconscious mind is protected and this protection forms between the age of 8 and 13 and it’s true for 95 percent of people and so the sadness you feel is literally programmed in there and then things happen that make you feel sad again and make the programming bigger and stronger when you try to take the programming out by thinking positive thoughts throughout the day how many times have you heard that well just think positive can’t you just think positive like everyone else can’t just be happy here take this pill it doesn’t work because thinking positive throughout the day doesn’t affect the unconscious mind i saw a video by one of the world’s most famous speakers on how to reprogram the unconscious mind and he literally said when you hear a negative thought just think something positive that doesn’t work I’m sorry but it does not work in real life and if you try to tell that to someone who has depression you’re gonna really insult their intelligence you don’t think they tried that it doesn’t freaking work come on that’s a joke it’s a disgrace for someone to say that and think that they are qualified to teach that they do not know what they’re talking about let me tell you it is possible to go past the filter past the protection of the unconscious mind and go inside and take out these rocks of sadness you can just take them out one by one because you probably have a bunch of them layers of sadness you go through them one by one you can think of it like you’re carrying around a big bag of bricks and it’s probably more than just sadness there’s probably anger and fear in there too and it’s heavy it’s weighing you down and the older you get the heavier it feels that’s why when people are in their 20s like oh I’m fine i don’t need to learn how to reprogram my unconscious mind I’ll just use my willpower when they get to their 30s and 40s they’re like oh my god I’m crushed by this weight that I’ve been trying to carry up the mountain this whole time and i can’t get anywhere anymore you’ve got to take those bricks out of the bag how many bricks are in your bag how many rocks of sadness are you carrying 50 100 a thousand five i don’t know everyone’s different everyone’s unique.
Some people have a horrific abusive childhood like me and they have thousands of them and it could take them years to get rid of all of them the other people had a beautiful childhood and don’t have nearly that many and it’s easy to get rid of the ones they do have i don’t know who you are but if you’re watching this video you’re probably someone who has more than other people here think about it if your question is how do i get rid of this horrible sadness i feel it’s more likely that you have a lot to work on so what do you do first you have to learn how to get rid of the rocks you have to learn the right tools okay Mary Ann Williamson gave this great talk on relationships and i brought some friends and i said oh my god I love Marielle Williamson everything she said except for one thing was absolutely true she is amazing that’s like the best speech I’ve ever seen and she gave my exact class my class was called amazing relationships they’re like really i said yeah that’s my class it’s just that she had one that was twice as long and she had an analogy that i want to borrow from her i hope she doesn’t mind thank you so much Marianne i love you what was her analogy in relationships the real job is working on yourself she told the story about Michelangelo the famous artist who was commissioned to create the statue of David so we got this big stone right or maybe it was marble and he’s he just sat there in front of it and stared at it and people came up and they’re like what are you doing he said I’m working okay months go by and all he’s doing is sitting in front of the stone or this marble and looking at it people say what are you doing he says I’m working then one day he gets out his tools okay he starts breaking away all the stone all the marble I gotta figure that out it’s a marble probably marvel barber that’s forever all the marble until finally the statue of David is left how many tools do you think he had probably a few right then when the statue of David was done people said oh my god Michelangelo how did you make that statue how did you create the statue of David he said i didn’t create the statue of David god created the statue of David i just removed what was on top of him that’s what you’re like you know that you’re not your sadness but it’s on top of you it’s weighing you down it’s messing up your life maybe what you need are the tools to remove those rocks of sadness off of you so the real you that you know is inside can finally come out consistently all the time so you can wake up excuse me wake up happy you deserve to wake up happy every day.
So what are the tools okay the seven steps to reprogramming yourself is the first and most important one to learn it’s going to remove the big chunks the heaviest most painful rocks by far the second tool is the five step emotional eraser then you’re gonna learn the emotional repolarization technique the way that i teach it and then you’re gonna learn completion these four tools comprise the four major tools of transformation and you can remove all the stone all the marble get rid of all the sadness off of you now how long is it going to take well how long is it going to take for you to learn these tools how long is it going to take you to remove each rock you have how many rocks do you have is it going to take you weeks is it going to take you months it depends on you you know i have people finish the three days seven steps for your programming yourself course in two days and then write me an email i just erased my lifetime of sadness from when i was raped when i was a little kid wow can you make a video and send it to me i hope you’ll make a video of how you’ve gotten rid of your sadness so we can share with other people look at my YouTube channel there are already hundreds of videos of people sharing stories about getting rid of depression and sadness and anxiety and all kinds of stuff do you want to be next do you want to be that person who says i used to be sad and now I’m not i want to see your video i want to watch it maybe I’ll even get to see you in person at one of the courses click on the link below to learn more about the first tool to learn the seven steps to reprogramming yourself so you can get rid of your sadness subscribe to my channel watch more videos let’s hang out I’m Arnoux I’ll see you soon !