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Arnoux teaches health secrets for the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. What do you need to do for all 4 parts of the human body to live a long time? Watch this video to find out.

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Okay time for our next presenter Arnoux Goran was raised by two deaf crack addicts and left for dead at 22 he now lives a Jay paul Getty life in Southern California I think he’s a little bit of a nicer person than Jay Paul Getty was

He’s the inventor of the seven steps to reprogramming yourself a proven method to permanently release any old emotion trauma or repeating negative thinking he’s the founder of total health mastery University and has changed the lives of  thousands of people all over the world please welcome Arnoux Goran on my own how many of you would like to live a little bit longer how many of you would like to live forever thank you thank you my name is Arnoux Goran thank you so much for having me here I felt so much love when I was here with you last time and I felt it again as soon as I came it’s such a pleasure to be with you thank you thank you for having me so after that vigorous workout I’ve got to catch my breath again you might recall from my last presentation that I shared a little bit about my personal background I was told I would never get better by any type of doctor of every kind of medicine that I was told I would die and then I didn’t and I decided to share with the world what I had found and add to it and create a program to help people and transform their lives I showed you a bunch of testimonials because most people don’t believe I can do what I can do so I wanted you to know where I was coming from and today I’m gonna share with you more information on how I do that how do my students listen to an audio program at home or watch a video or come to a live workshop and then create those impossible results and I’d like to share with you some of the theories and some of the tools that you can use in your life right now and forever after into the next thousand years to make sure that you can live forever because if you learn last time dr. Greger said death does not come from old age time doesn’t kill anybody it’s disease that kills people so I’m going to share with you some of the methods of how we reverse those conditions.

Shall we begin so the number one rule of Health and evolution is very simple it’s it’s the law of how your body works – how to fix it when it’s not working provide all of the essential nutrients and remove all of the toxins that’s the basic rule if you can follow that rule your body will be able to repair and fix itself now there was an experiment done called the chicken heart experiment and it was published in dr. Richard Anderson’s book cleansing purify thy South book 1 and it was also an Anthony Robbins personal power program which is the highest selling audio program of all time it’s sold about 35 million copies in the 1980s what was the experiment in a university in Northern California they gave a chicken’s heart the correct nutrients that it needed and changed the water every day so it all the toxins it produced through its natural processes would be removed now a chicken tends to live about ten years on average and the chicken heart lasted for 29 years why did the chicken heart die at 29 years they forgot to change the water so it’s on a simple level that our bodies are designed to last forever but if you don’t change the water it will eventually break down that make sense now the chicken heart is a little bit simpler than you you have four different parts to who you are can you shot them out what are the four parts of a human being physical and mental emotional and spiritual very good we can call spiritual energetic for those who are more scientific minded there is an energetic design to your physical body there truly is right so we have to address the whole person you can’t just look at one side of it otherwise you won’t be able to resolve every challenge on the physical side you’ve got detoxification that’s removing the bad right going back to the first rule we can call that internal releasing my old martial arts master master Kim said that with everything in life there’s inside and outside inside block outside walk there’s hot there’s cold there’s black there’s white there’s internal and external so there’s releasing and building up so nutrition is building up internal whereas on the external stretching is how you release the acid that you build up through body.

Building endurance building coordination building exercises so you go to the gym you’ll lift weights or you play a sport whatever you do and you build lactic acid and that’s what makes your muscles burn when you get to that point stretching releases the acid buildup right so it’s a balance and you have to do both if you only do one you won’t be as strong as you can be the same thing is true in the internal nutrition and detoxification now there are three major categories of toxins in your body number one mucoid plaque you know what that is that’s amazing most people have never heard of mucoid plaque dr. Andersson calls it the rubbery hardened mucus inside of your intestines that’s as hard as a car tire now it’s not it’s pretty nasty and those people have pounds and pounds and pounds of it one of my friends who won the body for life competition when she was 42 said at the age of 21 she was working as a cocktail waitress at the Playboy restaurant or bar.

Playboy Mansion and she did her first intestinal cleanse which was seven days and said nine pounds of plaque came out of her she was 21 she was gorgeous so even a young 21 year old woman could have nine pounds of plaque in her body you also have liver and gallbladder stones now if you try to google this you might find people saying that there’s no such thing I’ll tell you my mom was scheduled for gallbladder removal surgery the doctor told her it’d be $5,000 it was perfectly safe the internet said that 25% of people who have that surgery get an infection from him and that 100% of people get depression from it I met a woman who was in her 50s who had her gallbladder out and she said she had diarrhea for the rest of her life never had a normal bowel movement again 500,000 Americans have their gallbladder removed every year my mom was on the calendar she was waking up in the middle the night with pain check been to the ER I said mom let’s do a liver gallbladder stone flush she did the flushed it cost a whole 20 bucks very expensive black sand came out I said do it again a cup of black stones little black stones like the size of peas came out of her she didn’t have pain anymore so they counseled her surgery yeah

They said mom I want that $5,000 to go my part of the inheritance I’m just kidding I’m just kidding but in there in reality you have stones in your body they don’t show up on an ultrasound unless they’re calcified now I have a friend who has photos of an ultrasound of his calcified stones in his liver and gall bladder and then photos of the ultrasound when they’re not there anymore because he flushed them out but if you get an ultrasound you don’t see stones it’s just because they’re not calcified if you do a flush and do it properly stones will come out of every single person and then of course you have the environmental toxins heavy metals dr. Rita Ella Thorpe is one of the renowned researchers on heavy metals on our planet she says that 100% of Americans have heavy metals on their body aluminum mercury LED that sort of stuff and that 59% have symptoms of heavy metal poisoning dr. Robert Marshall who started primary research labs so that 20,000 different chemicals are emitted into the United States every single year we’re being exposed to chemicals all the time of course we know about preservatives because we now know that human beings don’t rot in the ground.

Like they used to because they’re so well preserved from all the preservatives out there eating their herbicides and pesticides are a part of human society if your foods not organic you’re eating herbicides and pesticides every single day they destroy your immune system of course there’s many many other forms of environmental toxicity everything from electro smog to actual smog you breathe chlorine in your water and on and on and on this is what mucoid plaque looks like you can eat the most pristine diet in the world you can do water fasting juice fasting intermittent fasting you can do everything that you’re supposed to do exercise every day and then do your first intestinal cleanse and this will still come out I knew someone who did a raw vegan diet for ten years only eating fruits and vegetables fresh for 10 years and did a cleanse and tons and tons of plaque came out it doesn’t come out from eating healthy doesn’t come out from just putting water in your intestines you have to specifically clean it out this is a gall bladder full of stones right if you’re a liver and gall bladder or full of stones right now and your intestines are full of undigested sludge and your body’s got heavy metals and pesticides and herbicides and all this stuff in it and you feel the way you feel now how are you gonna feel when it’s all gone you wonder why your kids are bouncing off the walls because they don’t have all that stuff yet they have some because we’re born with some now you’ve got your emotional self how many of you would agree that dealing with your emotions is an important part of living forever thank you thank you there’s a lot of science behind it so what do you do well on the external releasing there’s things like venting going out into the woods or to the desert with a big bag of rocks or apples or a bunch of eggs and throwing them and screaming until you’re not mad anymore okay just get it out huh punching yelling kicking throwing it’s one of the things I like about martial arts training is you get to yell as loud as you want and no one thinks you’re crazy love and all of its forms is the external build-up right you look at someone in the eye and you say I appreciate you thank you for being here I’m so glad I know you you give someone a hug you get that physical affection you spend time with people you care about that is the build up on the emotional level and we all need it dr. Virginia so tear which much of NLP is based on released a blog about a study done on hugs where she said that you need for hugs a day to survive to survive 12 hugs a day are minimum to thrive so for to survive 12 to thrive give a lot of hugs every day you need to have that love in your life

Now what about the what about the internal emotional so what doctor friend of mine named Randy Freiburg figured out a way to release the chemicals of emotions from the cells of your body he taught it to me I have a class on it it’s called the emotional repolarization technique and it does both the releasing and building up on the emotional level and because emotions are chemicals and they’re in your body it has a tremendous impact on your physical well-being and whenever I teach it I asked the audience at the end of the day to go home and test themselves to see if they have any physical pain in their life caused by an ERT and every single time the next day someone comes back or a whole line of them come back and get on stage and tell everyone about how their risk no longer hurts and they have taken off their wrist brace or how their back no longer hurts last time I did it Diana came up and said that her knee didn’t hurt anymore and she wasn’t limping anymore she was in her 60s or 70s it’s it’s very profound and we all need to learn how to do this and release every single emotional toxin from our body that we’ve built up throughout our life spiritual or energetic how many of you are a practitioner or have experienced some side some sort of energy work in your life look at you thank you very much so many of you so there’s Reiki there’s Qi Gong there’s so many different ways that we do spiritual or energetic healing or work Reiki is one of the most well known forms of hands-on healing.

But there are other ones Barbara Brennan’s hands of light is a four-year school just for that shamanic ceremonies like sweat lodge and soul retrieval would go into this category Qi Gong literally means energy exercise all the quieting the mind practices you might do I would put into this category of how to develop and heal the human being and then of course there is working on the inside which is when you clear the past intentions that keep replaying in your life over and over and over again right so I have this client Emrys who came to my intermedia course where you learned how to clear pictures and a picture is a memory that’s the beginning point of a repeating pattern in life and he said in the last three years since winning the seven steps reprogramming yourself I’ve cleared every single thing from my entire life I can’t think of any memory that makes me upset literally there’s nothing left I have no buttons to be pushed but I have this pattern of letting people down and it keeps showing up in my life and I don’t know what it’s from I said Emrys you’ve got a clear wherever that intention began in your past so we have the exercise and he journeys into the past to a time when one of his ancestors became the king of Scotland and everyone was very excited this king was gonna make life better for them but what happened was the British invaded took everything burned everything in life was much much worse and he let everyone down and so that’s where the pattern came from the moment that the exercise was completed he received a text message from their band manager they have a band they perform in Colorado every summer the most they’d ever made in a year was $5,000 the text said we just got you a residency at a club you’re gonna play twice a month throughout the whole summer

And it’s for $16,000 so you’ve got to learn to undo the repeating patterns from the past like the ancient yogi said there’s nothing else to do but clear karma and what is karma but the repeating patterns of your life that you don’t want to keep moving on now people have figured out how to do it in various ways usually taking an hour or longer I figured out how to do it in five minutes or less and I call that the five-step emotional eraser and that’s releasing the repeating patterns that’s the internal releasing but you’ve also got the internal building up that’s when you create new intentions that’s when you visualize your goals and create a new picture of the future that’s when you envision your life that’s the internal build up spiritually does that make sense to everybody am I making sense so far thank you mental overall little mental aren’t we hey Ally so when I trained martial arts we trained on the mental quite a bit we weren’t allowed to say can’t ever can’t was banned which is why I’m still alive in many ways because every time my doctor said I would die I just thought to myself you say I can’t but there’s no such thing as can’t I will find a way and I did you’re all doing the same thing here when people say you can’t live forever you say yes I can yes I will and you keep building that positive attitude every day every day you must do that you must listen to your thoughts and when you hear a thought that isn’t positive say I don’t take that I don’t accept that cancel that and you make up a new positive belief that’s working with the conscious mind choosing to have an attitude that there is no such thing as can’t in life that you can achieve anything and that you will achieve everything that you desire all right when we retired we didn’t say we wouldn’t admit we retired when we were training to be trained to be strong always positive mental attitude there’s always a silver lining no matter what so that’s you know looking in the mirror and saying I’m strong I’m powerful I’m healthy what if you look in the mirror every day and say I’m healthy my cells are perfectly healthy and I live forever right that would be the positive build up on the conscious mind or the external mind now you also need to work on your conscious mind letting go of beliefs that don’t serve you that’s how civilization evolves people have said there’s two things that are certain in life death and taxes and then you and I said I don’t agree I release that old belief from our old civilization I move into a new civilization where death is no longer inevitable

And throughout history we’ve evolved because we’ve done that we used to think the earth was the center of the universe and the Sun revolved around the earth and then someone used science and said actually we’re revolving around the Sun and the Sun isn’t even the center of the universe wreck him not that they did right they racked him don’t don’t try to say that we don’t have all the answers don’t try to think something different but you have to as an evolving human it’s your job to examine every belief that you’ve received throughout your life and decide is this belief based in love or fear if it’s based in fear get rid of it they used to say that black people couldn’t play basketball because the game was too advanced for them to understand what we have learned that some of the beliefs of the past are dumb and we need to evolve in continue to evolve into states of belief that lead to harmony peace health and abundance

One of the most common ones that I would love for us to let go of is the idea that the resources on our planet are limited and it is survival of the fittest that is not true that is not true every star in the sky is a Sun and every Sun emits light and can create life on any place that it is the abundance is unlimited rather than competition we need to start using cooperation

And with that we will have more than enough for everyone Buckminster Fuller who has more US patents than anyone else in history said in the 1970s in his book the critical path if we just applied all of our technology every person would live as if they have four billion dollars there is more than enough we just have to work together and we’ll all have plenty thank you now along with examining your beliefs there’s a process called completion where you release all the things that you didn’t get to say in any specific relationship that you choose to complete it’s like freeing your heart of tremendous weight the speaker had a private client whose husband passed away and she was just reach stricken so the first thing I did with her was hyper do the completion process and just release all of the things that needed to be released to complete the relationship and bring herself to the present and that’s working with the conscious mind now the unconscious mind we use these seven steps to reprogramming yourself and it does both in the first four steps you’re releasing and releasing and releasing unconscious programming in the fifth step you’re writing your own new programs yourself you’re creating the new conscious programs for yourself in the fifth step and then in step six you make it permanent I’ve never found any other method that releases the bricks of weight that we carry around like the seven steps does I’ve never found any other way to truly heal the unconscious mind which is why I had to figure this one out .

I talked about it a lot last time a little bit without tell you in terms of suicide bullying and other social issues that we face I feel this is the strongest solution that we have in 2016 I topped the seven steps for programming yourself a three-day weekend in Seattle and up in Washington State and one of my longtime friends brought her son who was fifteen years old at the time and he came up on stage on the third day and he said can we release my feelings about my friends getting shot and murdered at the shooting at Marysville High School the school he went to instead of course let’s do that it took ten minutes you know the average time is about 20 minutes but it took ten minutes and I said okay so how do you feel when you think about the shooting I feel fine now you don’t feel angry anymore you don’t feel afraid anymore no what about when you think about your friends who passed away it’s okay so you don’t feel anymore nothing no trigger no button no charge no everything’s cool now that’s what we can do for our kids all right we can teach them to no longer be hurt when people bully them we can erase the pain that they feel they literally won’t affect them anymore we can remove the buttons that we get triggered by it applies to relationships thank you it applies to health it applies to finances the stress that you feel much of which is inside of you what if you could erase stress permanently

So if you want to learn more you can go to my website total health mastery I have 21 courses where I teach all these different tools I mentioned to you and there is a two-for-one enrollment special right now for spring but I’m not done I have more for you one of the biggest secrets if you’ve tried applying everything and you still haven’t found the solution is you’ve got to go to the root cause of the problem okay if the check engine light on your car turns on you don’t put a band-aid over the light or unplug it you find out why and you fix it with the right tools that gave you I’ve given you an overview of the tools but how do you find the root cause well there’s three methods that we employ number one technology the Saito machine the biofeedback machine the Azara machine and there’s others what’s unique about these technologies versus let’s say a blood test is these technologies can tell you the emotional mental and spiritual root causes as well as the physical root causes isn’t that interesting and they use vibrational medicine to work on you also you can use bioenergetic testing or muscle testing how many of you know about muscle testing very good very good thank you thank you sometimes it doesn’t work and that’s because you have a major head trauma that’s throwing off your field and therefore you can’t test other people or yourself that can be fixed and once you fix that you’ll be able to test yourself and others so someone else can test you and tell them it’s very powerful to find the root cause using muscle testing now a lot of people say it’s BS watch doctor O’Meara’s video on his website BDO RT by digital or ring test org he has a US patent for muscle testing they wouldn’t give him the patent because they said there’s no proof it works so he submitted a double-blind study to demonstrate that his method works regardless of what you believe and then of course my favorite method of finding your cause is called medical intuition.

Carolyn mace was the first person I had ever heard used that term and her anatomy of the spirit and she said it is scientifically proven to be more accurate than any form of scientific testing medical intuition it’s very woowoo you might say but there is a book out now called medical medium that a lot of people are really into and he’s promoting the same concept that through intuition through spiritual connection we can determine or find the true root causes of people’s challenges and for myself it’s been the big secret of how I’ve been able to help the unhelpful there because if I can read you and tell you what’s really going on then we can use the right tools right away otherwise you’re just guessing and how much money are you gonna spend before you get lucky and use the right tool ozone therapy how many of you have heard of ozone therapy Wow quite a few very good I mean I expect that from you because you’re a very wise and and educated audience right so what it says there is that it is scientifically proven it is scientifically proven to reverse aging on the cellular level yes what happens as you get older is your cells stop burning fat and start burning only carbohydrates and oxygen to make energy which produces more acid and all toxins in your body are acid even carbon dioxide that you breathe out is acid and as you get older your body stops burning carbohydrates and it starts burning oxygen and it begins to burn only carbohydrates producing a tremendous amount of acid causing rapid aging and eventually death dr. Frank Shallenberger who’s the head of the American Academy of the ozone therapy has a software in a machine that he can use to test how effectively your body is burning oxygen on the cellular level and it is a fact that if you provide your body with ozone therapy twice a week or more that the process of not burning oxygen and fat anymore reverses and your cells begin to burn oxygen and burn fat again is that interesting

There’s also something else about Oseland I think is amazing there’s actually a long list of things ozone can be used for but preconditioning is tremendous what that means is if you have an ozone therapy treatment twice a week for three weeks you become preconditioned and therefore protected from all sorts of health challenges I know dr. Shallenberger told us and his certification course I took that a study done on rabbits was performed using ozone preconditioning they gave one group of rabbits injections of a toxic fat you know like fast food and they got very very sick the second group of rabbits was given ozone therapy twice a week for three weeks and then given the fat injections they showed no signs of receiving any injection at all completely immune to the toxic food that’s mind-blowing to me that you could literally be that protected from the foods and therefore our environment he talked about preconditioning making you completely symptom free if you have chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer can you imagine he told us the story about one of his clients was supposed to have radiation on his mouth for cancer in his mouth and the doctor the oncologist told them your teeth are gonna fall out your saliva glands are not gonna work anymore and your skin’s gonna turn gray in that area and Dr. Shallenberger said let’s do the ozone preconditioning first then start the radiation and while you’re having the radiation radiation will continue the ozone preconditioning twice a week throughout the treatment his teeth did not fall out his skin did not turn gray he showed no negative symptoms at all the oncologist asked this gentleman if he could call all of his patients and let him know that it’s possible to have radiation therapy and have known negative symptoms and the patient said well I’ll have to tell you doctor I had ozone preconditioning and throughout the radiation which is why I didn’t have any symptoms dr. Shallenberger told us a story about a woman who had surgery whose doctor didn’t want to give it to her to live her age and she recovered faster than all of his other patients from the surgery so ozone preconditioning can make you very very strong and therefore it aligns with preventive medicine there’s so much more on ozone therapy I recommend that you study with dr. Frank Shallenberger I mentioned him already ahead of the American Academy of ozone therapists I also would recommend you study with dr. Robert Rouen ro w en dr. Owen is the longest living practitioner of oxygen therapies which ozone therapy is a form of oxygen therapy he’s the father of medical freedom in the United States and known to be the person who coined the term the living foods diet he’s in Santa Rosa both these men are amazing I also created a course on ozone therapy for the layperson because they mostly trained doctors so that the average person could use ozone therapy in their life and also become a practitioner that’s it for today are there any questions

Thank you so much we have a question over here I got all excited about mucoid plaque yeah baby yeah are you so just 15 18 years ago I lived in North Carolina people would come to my home for a month and do the 28th day arise and shine cleanse yes we had chopsticks available you know anyway yes well when that mucoid plaque starts to come out its you want to know like what just came out of yeah and so people break it open and look to see anyway I’m wondering from you are you advising that the arisin shine there’s the 28-day cleanse I know they have a 14-day now and and it’s an extraordinary experience for sure and I guess I’m wondering is this what you’re recommending and any others that similar to that thank you yes the best clients uh great question thank you so the rise and shine program was developed by dr. Richard Anderson who I mentioned earlier he’s one of my favorite teachers on intestinal detox ever and I highly recommend his book cleanse and purify thyself in reading all the different books on cleansing I saw a common thread they all said you’re gonna feel sick while you cleanse you should take time off of work and I don’t believe that life is meant to be hard that’s one of those conscious beliefs I decided to get rid of and so I spent a lot of time and research and I figured out how to cleanse without cleansing reactions and I teach that in my courses as far as which cleanse to use the arise and shine cleanse is a great option there’s also the sonne a cleanse s o N and E and there’s also dr. Schultz’s program schul t ze dr. Schultz I like dr. Schultz’s because it’s very easy you don’t have to take a cooler with you everywhere you go to do dr. Schultz I like the Sony program because it gets more out faster but if you don’t do it right the shakes that are pulling this plaque could get stuck inside of you so you’ve got to do it properly the arise and shine program has the best guidebook to tell you how to do it right and the best supporting supplements so I like all three of those programs in fact those are my three favorite ones if I have a private client I read them to see which one’s better for them what I teach in the workshops are the principles of how to cleanse the body without cleansing reactions.

Then you can use whatever cleanse you want and you’ll feel better and better and better each day you should wake up earlier and feeling better every day of your Clintons wondering why you didn’t feel this good before that’s how it should be and she said it’s an extraordinary experience it’s a life-changing experience for most people to do their first 28-day cleanse absolutely life-changing thank you more questions yes right here we got one here too thank you wow he’s so resourceful amazing I wanted to know about the oxygen therapy and don’t there’s no risk of being the oxidation of the cell from as a result this is a really good question is there a risk of oxidation of the cells using oxygen therapies because ozone is actually the opposite of a vitamin mineral antioxidant both own as an oxidant just like hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant but how can that be good for you it isn’t ozone some toxic poison in the air no ozone is oh three it’s two all oxygen molecules combined with a third to make a different type of oxygen that actually cleans the air mother earth cleans the air with ozone that’s how it cleans the air ozone kills all pathogens on contact so once it goes through your skin or into your blood or however you put it in your body once it goes in your body even if you drink ozonated water it changes to something called o’s and nines ozonide to activate the antioxidants in your body and make them work so when you tap therapy and this is not commonly taught by the way when you have ozone therapy you should take a huge amount of vitamins and minerals with it even if you’re just having an ozone sauna because all forms of ozone therapy have the same effect whether you’re drinking the water getting it in a blood not an IV ozone with IV is the only form of those when that’s dangerous ozone is the safest form of medicine known to man but if if they take your blood out put ozone in it and put it back in if you have ozone in all these other ways you want to take tons of vitamins and minerals with it for example if you inject someone’s joints with just ozone not much happens but if you inject their joints with the combination of vitamins and minerals.

And then with ozone you can regrow the cartilage in your knees and in one of dr. Rowan’s presentations that you can watch on YouTube he shows x-rays a fully regrown knee cartilage from doing the ozone therapy over a period of a year dr. Shawn Berger has a similar study on it you could literally regrow the cartilage in your joints but only if you include the vitamins and minerals first so if you’re gonna buy an ozone generator and a body suit and just sit in your body seat while you do your mind quieting exercises or whatever you do in the morning combining your time you should take some vitamins and minerals before and after the treatment because if you have calcium with ozone the boosting power to your immune system its quadrupled so it’s not dangerous because an oxidant it actually gets your antioxidants in motion gets them working and therefore your body can then get younger follow-up question yeah because that so you were talking about oxygen therapy and now you mentioned ozone therapy so which I mean is it just oxygen or ozone it’s a very good question I mentioned that dr. Rowan is one of the longest or is the longest known user of oxygen therapies and ozone therapy is one of the forms of oxygen therapy because ozone is really oxygen that’s gone through lightening 10% of the ozone on our planet is made by the lightning storms in Venezuela

That that explains so much there’s a lot of Venezuelan people here aren’t there you’re a full of lightning so an ozone generator is literally lightning in a box and it makes the oxygen electrified or full of energy that you can then transfer into your body now I haven’t seen a study that says exactly that that’s how I perceive it the other form of oxygen therapy that’s common is hydrogen peroxide therapy then of course there is actually oxygen therapy if you exercise while breathing oxygen you can reverse the lack of oxygen in your body that goes beyond what your red blood cells are carrying that’s a whole other topic for another time you have a question over here first of all I loved your presentation um yeah yeah you need to come here a lot more often oh we need to go to you I so it’s simple stuff so my question for you you seem pretty radical so I’m gonna ask this question it could be controversial when you talk about erasing negative self-beliefs or where negative beliefs altogether you didn’t mention this but what do you think or do you consider plant medicine to be part of that there are psychiatrists these days who are talking about things like ayahuasca being more powerful than any years of therapy that they’ve ever done with people I thought you might know something about that.

So I’m asking yes all the different forms of plant medicine her question is how does plant medicine play in to reprogram in the unconscious mind or healing the mind plant medicine does not reprogram the negative repeating pots it doesn’t do that like the seven steps reprogramming yourself does but all the different plant medicines like peyote magic mushrooms ayahuasca ibogaine they all contain a similar ingredient DMT and you can look up DMT and learn about it in one study if they found it if you have 300 milliliters of the active ingredient it will cure you of addiction including heroin addiction another study showed that having DMT enough of it will cause your serotonin levels to go up permanently how does it work well partly it’s a it’s a physical thing it’s nutrition I call my personal reference for DMT is the god vitamin because it allows you to see spiritually and sometimes when you see spiritually you see things about yourself that you want to change and that can make you feel a lot better you also could take plant medicine and then do the seven steps while you were having your plant medicine journey and clear a lot more a lot faster because you’ll see what’s there that you couldn’t see before to work on.

But you still need the right tools to work on them the plant medicine isn’t a tool to work on that part of yourself and there’s other tools I mentioned a whole bunch of tools one last thing on that a study was done at Oxford on magic mushrooms and they gave it to people who had been diagnosed with depression for more than twenty years that no form of pharmaceutical medicine could work on every single person who took the magic mushrooms was cured of depression and the professor from Oxford who was behind the study said it’s not a surprise that they were cured of depression the surprised that we were even allowed to do the study so there you go am I out of time thank you everyone thank you so much Sam pleasure to be with you thank you thank you thank you