Advanced Tools: ERT, Emotional Eraser, & Completion Testimonial Reel – 7 Min Reel

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I I really wanted to share on this one because this the completion seems like what really transformed my life but I came to the anger it’s no I don’t have no I am I deserve and I am having a healthy vitality filled life apparently because that’s happening and I had an x-ray my neck done and all this stuff and it turns out that all those issues are gone like you my soon-to-be-ex-husband who we have 100% Emily are better friends than a better place and I was raising my children and we were before I’m done with my dad and I have been working on my dad for years and years and years and years you know I got 26 years of writing and I make 12 steps four steps I’ve done fund my dad and yeah it’s amazing it’s amazing and I feel I feel like I’ve lost 50 pounds yeah so it cleared and then never had one since and it’s been four or five years so you cleared your UTI infection with the one ER team it was Tina was up here and she just immediately started crying.

Because you know when it leaves your body and you can feel it leave your body like you know that’s what it was and it was something that my mother and my grandmother said when I was in utero this course definitely already paid for itself for me oh yeah the value is way more than what this course cuts because well the venue thing happened that’s just one venue out of all the venues we played at operative has three times more than last year different person and my life has changed so really Carlene are you saying that you had a lot of emotional pain around your childhood and how you grew up and then any released a lot of it in the last few days yes how much better do you feel now the pain in my shoulder is gone which I’ve had for years you showed me the way that I can do it because I’m coming into my power yeah there was just breakthrough in my vision my vision was just flatlined for like the last four years of my life and I had no vision so I went home that weekend and thought about I knew there was a problem because I said Lord what is it and he showed me but I didn’t know how to get past it really did it so in July that just broke just open up the floodgates.

And since that time if some of you’ve been on the money phone calls each week you know the doors open up for me for this next year for anywhere from five point five to ten million dollars in business all the pain that I suffer with my parent we my mother my father all this pain they went away no more pain no more I tried is no more anything I had to go back and I could only go back as far as my grandfather but but I could I got to see where they were that all you know started and I got to go back that far to declare all that energy and that came forward again he used to rape my mother you know it was just that’s just both sides of the family and I that I got to clear all that energy from both sides there’s our medication that helps me eat it’s called beyond helps me digest my food because I’m missing part of my pancreas I am awesome I think it works for the ERT work for me because I’m open to sharing and typically a very closed off person like I don’t want to share so I think it just the fact that I’m up here sharing um shows it a worst when you look very expanded right cuz I don’t know if you guys ever notice better if you still look kind of like inwardly drawn thank you now it looks outwardly expanded right it wasn’t for him I’m an invested so much money into self development programs from other coaches learn different things like an OPA I graduated psychology degree in social behavior because I wanted to learn how to fix myself.

I am a refugee child born in a refugee camp bombs grenades whatever you want to call it right landmines and I’ve and I was happening to to get through all of that thanks to this wonderful man right here and the anger is not there and I in and I’m always angry at him so that’s a minute ago it’s just been it’s just been amazing it’s just been amazing the but though I can’t even explain how I feel and I think most of you know because you’re all feeling that way but I haven’t felt like this in geez probably since I was a kid you know when I walked in somebody told me to go look at the first picture I took when I got here and then to go look at myself in the mirror and I did that and I see a difference I felt like something broke they then rub burrowed and I’m learning so much more about myself but I just sit in silence I’m no longer scared of silence anymore I don’t feel like I am trapped sorry and I always had I’ve always known that I’ve got a big spirit female that protector that has been with me for forever and um.

And there she is and so that’s where all that love is coming from but I never had a name for her and it was mom and so what I when I came to is that my mother’s spirit that we have been together forever so what I cleared are mostly cleared was the blockage of doing this for myself so I’m just really grateful to have these tools cuz I didn’t think I would ever get to this point and I just that changed my life I do I see this work is not distant in our field that’s that day everything that’s around us everything that changes I mean it’s been eight years since I’ve even spoke to this for me but I feel like today there was a whole connection there but this work is amazing thank you the results and benefits of our training are only available to members of our private association to learn more call 8776808200 or visit forward slash seven steps