Advanced Tools: ERT, Completion & 5 Step Emotional Eraser Testimonial Reel – 3 Mins

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Subtitles to the video:

I really wanted to share on this one because this the completion seems like what really transformed my life but I came to the anger it’s not I don’t have

I am I deserve and I am having a healthy vitality filled life apparently because that’s happening and this is only day one and I had an x-ray my neck done and all the stuff and it turns out that all those issues are gone like you my soon-to-be-ex-husband who we have 100% family and our better friend a better place now with everything other children and we weren’t before yeah so it cleared and I’ve never had one since and it’s been I don’t know four or five years so he appeared in a UTI infection one ard think it was Tina was up here and she just immediately started crying because you know when it leaves your body and you can feel it leave your body like you know that’s what it was and it was something that my mother and my grandmother said when I was in utero this course definitely already paid for itself for me oh yeah the value is way more than what this course cuts because well the venue thing happened that’s just one venue out of all the venues we play.

That operative he has three times more than last year that’s not what I cleared or mostly cleared was the blockage of doing this for myself so I’m just really grateful to have these tools but I didn’t think don’t ever get to this point I think it works for the ER to work for me because I’m open to sharing and typically very closed off person like it don’t share so I think it just the fact that I’m up here sharing um shows that it works well you look very expanded right cuz I don’t know if you guys everybody knows but Eric you still look kind of like inwardly drawn thank you now it looks outwardly expanded right do I see this work is not distant in our field that’s it everything that’s around us and everything that changes I mean it’s been a feat here since that they even spoke to this woman but I feel like today there was a whole connection there but this work is amazing thank you the results and benefits of our training are only available to members of our private association to learn more call eight seven seven six eight zero 8200 or visit total health mastery forward slash seven steps