About Arnoux

Arnoux Goran invented a way to access the unconscious mind and take negative beliefs and their corresponding emotions out permanently. This is perhaps the first time in human history that anyone has ever been able to figure this out. This means that you can go into your past and remove the emotional pain from any trauma you have ever experienced until you no longer feel bad when you think about what happened.

 The Goran Technique has been studied at the University of California in Irvine. It was found that 100% of the participants in the study said that they released negative emotions permanently, and that they could do it on their own after the training.

Arnoux is also the inventor of The Goran Technique II. How to Cleanse the Body Without Cleansing Reactions, and How to Overcome Addictions Without Willpower. He is the author of the courses offered by the Total Health Mastery University both live and online, which includes over 20 courses, and over 20 books, or mini-books available to members only. Examples of some courses offered at the University include, A Course in Relationships, More Money, and The Life Transformation Program.

 He is also the author of Why You Don’t Lose Weight and How You Can, and the Top 50 Health Secrets. Arnoux has been featured on radio and television, and has been published in both print and online magazines.

 Thousands upon thousands of people have experienced life changing results from the Arnoux Goran Seminars training programs in all areas of their life, including Relationships, Finances, and Health. Over 1000 written testimonials from people all over the world can attest to those results, as well as hundreds of testimonial videos that are currently available on YouTube.

 Arnoux is frequently a Guest Speaker at major universities, and various business industries. There is currently a new study being done on The Goran Technique.

 The Goran Technique has been used successfully to permanently erase stress, procrastination, jealousy, panic attacks, anxiety, post traumatic stress, grief from the loss of a loved one, depression, sexual trauma, childhood abuse, anger and rage issues, the emotional pain that leads to drug abuse, and virtually every other negative emotion you can think of. The Goran Technique is the key to ending repeating life patterns and unlocking the gate to Heaven on Earth for all people.