Sometimes you discover harmful recurring patterns in your family, but what do you do about it?

For Michaela, the recurring pattern was the loss of and injury to fingers, a pattern that she discovered went back to her grandmother. Using “The 5 Steps Emotional Eraser” technique she learned at an Arnoux Goran course, she was able to process her grandmother’s trauma and stop her family pattern. This had immediate benefits for her daughter, who is a top chef and uses knives regularly!

We can call them ancestral patterns, past lives, soul trauma, collective consciousness trauma, a metaphor or a made up story. Yet when we process these “past lives/metaphors” our lives change, we feel better, and the pattern disappears. We don’t have to believe in past lives. The important thing is, it just works!

Find out why things seem to happen regularly in your family, and change the destiny of those you love by learning “The 5 Steps”!

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the video :

My five steps I cuz I don’t want to give it away then you guys here here I don’t want to give it away there you go it is just a remarkable experience it gives you a power to be able to know that you can clear pictures and images that that you didn’t know that was affecting your life and then it has the ability to allow you to see your Oversoul experience and/or both your ancestral pattern so it is remarkable when I tell you that you have the power to see another story that actually exists and to know that you’re not making any of that up because you can actually see the trail of the pattern come into this lifetime so it’s not just about well I have this picture right here it’s really about releasing ancestral trauma and know that you don’t have to repeat that ever again you don’t have to carry the pattern forward so I’ll just tell you just this a little bit a little bit so all eight of my fingers were severed off when I was three years old and they didn’t think that I was going to have regular growing fingers they thought it was gonna have nubs and so my mother would rub my fingers and tend say that I was a perfect pianist because we had a baby grand and so therefore she she willed my fingers to grow they call me like this little baby starfish that happened to three years old later I found out that my great-grandmother her favorite mother was a top chef and severed her fingers in a cooking accident

Clearing pictures is huge I cleared that picture but apparently there was still something there so my daughter who is now a top chef started satury or cutting into her fingers during during her cooking sessions and she would have to stop and say why am i cutting my fingers and these are sharp knives and it dawned on me that’s my pattern so I did go back into the story to clear seeing my grandmother who I’ve never met this great grandmother I saw her in the kitchen and I was able to go back and clear that picture my daughter stopped cutting her fingers the pattern was still there the baby her daughter my granddaughter put her fingers in the car window inch and almost kind of her fingers I’m like that’s my pattern because these children don’t know the story so I realized I was still holding the picture there so I went back into that picture to figure out where it was before I was able to do this with this program the five steps so I’m gonna tell you how that happens because you’re gonna learn it is remarkable I cleared that whole thing and they don’t have that pattern running through my daughter stop cutting her fingers she like everybody who remarks at school how well she yields her knives she’s like that so now she actually not afraid of knifes I got to tell you this she wears a butcher knife that’s the mark of a top chef on her thigh she got it tattooed on her thigh she’s no longer afraid put your knife your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery us the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association