You’re pretty darn smart,
have a good heart and you’re always willing to lend a hand…

Your friends know you give the best advice… and you do! After all the self-improvement work you’ve done, it’s easy to help other people.

But no matter how many books you’ve read, classes you’ve taken, or methods you’ve tried, YOU aren’t getting those big, life-changing results you really want.

Something seems to always block your progress to make that possible… and you can’t figure it out.

Can you relate?

You’re pretty clear about what goals you want, and likely what it takes to achieve them, but when you try to get started, somehow you get derailed, and end up wasting your time...leaving you frustrated.
You make the best of what you have in most areas, but when you look around and see what you don’t have, especially compared to other people, it leaves you unsatisfied and disappointed with your life.
You do your best to be pleasant to everyone, but on the days you can’t stop thinking about what happened in the past, you’re anxious, and you can’t let go.
You’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on self-help work, but something is still feel incomplete.

You work to try to be optimistic about finding an end-all-be-all solution to your problems, but as the years go by, your problems get bigger and you feel worse...never having the life you really want.
You’ve searched relentlessly for the best way to transform and improve your life because you know it exists somewhere.
You know that there has to be a way to get yourself unstuck and finally forging ahead.
You know that you need to FIND THAT WAY SOON!

All that said, it’s AMAZING to think about all it took to finally lead you HERE…
TO ACCESS the life you’ve been dreaming of.

I mean it! For as long as I could remember, I was in a constant state of suffering. Negative thoughts and emotions rattled around in my head for years, and my life snowballed for the worse. My health rapidly deteriorated. I was desperate, depressed, and nearly destitute.

I almost gave up. But the driving force inside me led me to finally discover a way…a method…to permanently get rid of all of emotional and mental pain that had been weighing me down all of my life. Once I followed it, my life drastically changed overnight, and I was never the same again…

I’m serious! I know it sounds too good to be true, and unbelievable…especially considering all that you’ve gone through. But experiencing these positive results from total transformation overnight is possible. I can say this, because I actually did this. All the emotional and mental trauma I endured since birth was literally killing me.

I needed to change my life immediately. When I discovered this method, I experienced so many remarkable benefits from practicing it, I just had to share it. I wanted everyone to never again feel held back by their suffering, and I couldn’t wait to hear how their lives changed after using it for themselves.

Here’s what your life will look like

once you permanently ERASE all of your emotional and mental pain…

You easily accomplish any goal you set for yourself in a timely manner, and you’re proud of yourself for it.
You manifest the things you want almost like magic, leaving you feeling abundantly fulfilled and excited about your life.
You’re always calm and pleasant since you’ve made peace with your past, and you’re unaffected when you reminisce about it.

You’re confident, and comfortable with yourself having peeled layers of pain away...revealing your true self.
You’re fearless and aren’t worried about the future anymore because you’ve overcome every previous obstacle, and solved the problems that plagued you.

I’d like to introduce you to the breakthrough method that will help you finally experience the life-changing results you’re seeking.

An overnight method that you can do yourself in 7 easy steps that gives you total access to the unconscious mind (and the beliefs stored in it), and permanently erases any old programming that keeps replaying in your mind and in your reality, so you can finally create the life that you’ve always wanted.

Kick those old emotional traumas that have been weighing you down (and keeping you stuck) to the curb for good, and wake up to the new you…empowered and free to accomplish whatever your heart desires.

No more wasting time and money on techniques or methods that don’t give you what you really want. No other tool releases unconscious beliefs in this direct and powerful way. You can have permanent transformation overnight with the 7 Steps to way. You can have permanent transformation overnight with the Goran Technique.

It sounds incredible, but other people suffering just like you have achieved the results that they were always hoping for by using the Goran Technique method.

Once you erase the thoughts and feelings that have been in the way of your progress, it will be like you stepped into a whole new way of life when you wake up the next morning. That’s literally what happened to me.

Hi, my name is Arnoux, and used the Goran Technique to completely change my life. When I was younger, I experienced a tremendous amount of emotional trauma. I was constantly verbally abused by my drug addicted parents. I experienced starvation, neglect, being freezing cold, and more, which led to me bottling up a ton of old emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and the like. As an adult, I worked extremely hard to have a better life but, no matter how much effort I made, nothing changed. I read countless books, listened to boxes and boxes of audio programs, and attended every seminar I could find on personal development. Unfortunately, I was still miserable, my bank account was always empty, and my health deteriorated to a point where doctors told me I would die, and there was nothing they could do.

I was desperate and motivated to save my own life. I knew that I needed to find a way to remove the old emotions of my past experiences, or I would never be able to have amazing relationships, be healthy, make money and live a life that I love. When I discovered the Goran Technique, I was over the moon! I felt like I went from being upset over and over again by different “triggers” all day long, to being happy more, and more consistently. I still remember the day when I didn’t get upset once for the entire day. It was the first and only day that I could remember that happening in my entire life. Then, a whole week went by and I still felt great! Everything changed for me. I got a car (no more riding the bus), a girlfriend (I had been pretty lonely and frustrated), and I began to teach the Goran Technique, to share it with as many people as I could. I wanted everyone to experience total transformation as I did. At first people didn’t always get it, but eventually I figured out a way to teach it so that every single person could understand and use the Goran Technique. Their stories speak volumes to how effective this method is, and how much their lives have changed because of it.

“I got off my anxiety medication after being on it for 18 years
I no longer have panic attacks. It’s no longer a part of my consciousness. The Goran Technique works!”
Joyce Walker

Here’s what you get
When you use the Goran Technique

  • Recorded videos and audios of the Goran Technique, as taught by me during the live 3-day weekend training, so you can start your permanent transformation from the very first day. ($4,999 value)
  • A unique User Profile in our Graduates Only Facebook Group, where you can connect with me, and ask questions, so you feel supported as you practice the method on your own. ($1,499 value)
  • Ability to connect with other students around the world taking the same course and set up practice sessions, so you’re not feeling alone and you can take your transformation to a whole other level. ($499 value)
  • The ability to create the life of your dreams. (Priceless)

Online Course Value: $6,999 + LIVE Seminar Ticket: $3000

You can begin today with our 30-day money back guarantee!

Get access now for only $4999

“I grew up in an abusive home and left when I was 14. My first memory is being thrown into a wall at age 3. Every moment of my life I was in panic. My life was one long panic attack. I spent over $100,000 in therapy, courses, books, audios, and anything I could find to ‘be normal’. Then I met Arnoux, and learned from him the Goran Technique that worked to change my life. Within 1 year, I passed the bar and began practicing law successfully. I have my 1st boyfriend. I lost 37 pounds, and best of all, I’m happy.”
Mari Davis



What to expect
Goran Technique

 DAY 1: DAY 2:

 How The Miracle Happened – How, for the first time in human history, we can now erase programming and negative emotions from the unconscious mind

Why Your Life Is The Way It Is – What Causes Repeating Life Patterns

The Design of The Mind

The Goran Technique including a live demonstration

How the Goran Technique works to change your life

Breaking Through Your Mind’s Limitations

What is causing us to self-sabotage changing our life…Catch 22 programs & live demonstration

The Quantum Physics of how manifestation works in simple terms and how the Goran Technique allows you to create what you want… finally!


 How to do the Goran technique 10x faster! 60 min becomes 6 min!

How to target a specific life challenge and change any area of your life

How to remove the blocks to any specific goal and make it real

Putting it all together to create your dream life

How you can learn to remove the chemical emotions from the cells of your body, release the weight from past relationships, and undo the major life creations and repeating patterns of the past

How to Achieve Perfect Health in the most unhealthy country on Earth

A Course in Relationships preview – the Secret of Intimacy

More Money – how to get it




How to get started

  1. Choose the RIGHT decision for YOUR LIFE! (Pssst….this is IT!)
  2. Click on YES! I WANT TO CHANGE MY LIFE button and register for the course.
  3. Fill out the information fields and choose method of payment. You’ll receive a confirmation of purchase email, along with a link to access the Goran Technique  course at Arnoux Goran Seminar University.
  4. Create your User Profile.
  5. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can focus and listen to the recordings.
  6. Change your life and have everything you’ve been dreaming about!

Get access now for only $4999

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I don’t think I can afford this. What can I do?
A: I wanted everyone to be able to afford the Goran Technique course, no matter how little money they had, because I was able to get myself out of poverty, and more, just by using the Goran Technique. That’s why I offer an option to make affordable monthly payments, so that everyone has the opportunity. You can select that option when you register for the course. You can pay it off at anytime with a 30% discount off the remaining balance, so you can put any financial worry to rest and begin changing your life now

Q: How can I be sure the Goran Technique will work for me?
A: The University of California study conducted on the Goran Technique showed that 100% of the audience said they cleared negative emotions permanently, AND that they could do it on their own. All people can do The Goran Technique on their own, effectively, as long as the effort is made to follow the method. It works even if you don’t believe it will work.

I can’t wait
For you to get started transforming your life!

I don’t know what issues you are dealing with…what pain or bricks of emotions you’re carrying. I don’t know what your story will become.

But, I do know that having a life you’ve always dreamed of is possible for you. The Goran Technique is the method to take you there.

Total transformation is literally at your fingertips. All you have to do is invest in yourself and set aside some time for you to practice the method. You can take your life back…overnight. Imagine the possibilities! You deserve the best!

Cheers to your success!

Get access now for only $4999

What our graduates are saying

“I have had panic attacks that I was taking medication for on a regular basis that were debilitating. On the 1st day of The Goran Techninque course I was having a panic attack and it took all that I had just to pay attention. During our first opportunity to use The Goran Technique, on day 1, I erased my panic attack and it has never come back. I haven’t taken medication since and it’s been months.”
Shelly Rodgers-Hauser

“My friend came over to my place for a sleepover and she couldn’t fall asleep because she was afraid of the dark and we didn’t have a night light in my room. So I did The Goran Technique with her and cleared her fear of the dark and we went to sleep.”
Victoria Sevilla, Age 9

“I used to be very angry about my divorce and towards my ex-husband. After using the Goran Technique, I cleared all my anger. I saw my ex-husband at the farmer’s market the other day, and I could talk to him in complete neutrality. I didn’t think that was even possible.”
Teresa Maltese
CEO, Sterling Staffing

“I have the best of news!! I landed a job! Like a real job and not a temp one! The people are awesome and I’m am beyond grateful! The best part about it is how it all happened. I was feeling down, started clearing the negative thoughts (using the Goran Technique), then I thought, ”I haven’t taken a bath in years.” So I filled up the tub threw in some pink salt and got a book to read. The book I grabbed was, “Power of the Spoken Word,” by Florence Scovel Shinn. I read 20 pages, got out of the bath only to check my email…and there was the job offer! It brightened up my day and made me a true believer! I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve taught me.”
Sandra Maddoxx

“After a challenging childhood I realized I attracted men who didn’t appreciate me because of a lack of feeling worthy inside. I erased all of that during the Goran Technique weekend and attracted a really great guy who treats me like a princess.”
Seyha Heang
Legal Office Manager

“It’s such a relief to FINALLY accept myself for who I am, especially spiritually. Learning how to create an INTENTION and seeing it manifest within five minutes is so POWERFUL! This has been the greatest blessing ever, and I am eternally grateful to Arnoux!”
Ami Garcia
Certified Goran Technique Practitioner, Former Engineer

“I released the grief I was carrying for 12 years after my mom’s sudden death and the hurt and anger from a terrible break up.”
Elyse Homberger

“I am no longer angry at my father after a lifetime of trying to work through it. I tried counseling and other forms of therapy but nothing worked for me until I took the Goran Technique training. I also was able to get over the grief of my sister’s recent passing, go from a Jr. Deacon to a Pastor in my church, and I no longer need neck surgery. I don’t take pain killers anymore for my neck or back as I’m out of pain finally.”
Ernest Johnson
Pastor & THM Professional Health Consultant

“After releasing the pain of my mother and wife both dying of cancer within a few years of each other my heart felt open again.”
Ray Adler
Best Selling Author

“Using the Goran Technique has been incredibly valuable for our us as it has made it possible for us to reprogram our subconscious patterns on our own, whenever we need to. No need to make an appointment with anyone. Now that we know how to do it we’ve even helped our friends and family learn how to do it, with incredible results. No drama at family Christmas this year. Woohoo!”
Emrys Handley

“Don’t attend this course unless you are really looking for information that will literally change your life. I highly recommend this program to all serious and committed health seekers.”
Anne M. Smith
CEO and Founder, Anne’s Kombucha

“This is an excellent program to get a hold of one’s mind. I have participated in it and I think to date it is still the most valuable program I have completed on self improvement! I have taken Landmark Education – including the advanced course and seminars, the Avatar Course, and 5 years worth of talk therapy. I studied to be a marriage and family therapist, and many of the things I learned in the Goran Technique were more helpful than the techniques I learned in “therapy school” to deal with the same issues!”
Elizabeth Sharp
Yoga Instructor

“I cleared my fear of flying forever in just a few minutes time.”
Jonathan Duran
Business Owner & Jewelry Designer

“I saw changes in EVERY area of my life. Some of the big ones are: Releasing all of the grief around my father’s death. We were very close and now I don’t cry when I talk about him, which I always did before. I now get along great with my mom, and she has never criticized me since I erased that issue from my unconscious using the Goran Technique. My brother and I now have a relationship after years of no contact. In fact, these relationships totally changed after just 1 session with the Goran Technique. There is so much more I could say, even my ability to speak in public has totally changed. The biggest thing may be that I now have the tools to make even more changes, not just for myself, but for others. I feel truly blessed.”
Karen Farberow
Shop Owner & Professional AGS Health Consultant

“Since my early 20’s I have searched the globe for a process that could help me alleviate the constant emotional/physical pain I was in. I gave my money and power to anyone who claimed they had answers. I tried EVERYTHING, and despite feeling more and more like a failure, I kept searching for truth, my truth.Right away I noticed a big difference to this work compared to any other work.Surprise! Healing 37 years of the most traumatic experiences that any one person can go through is not going to be easy, and I HAVE BEEN THROUGH THEM ALL! I still have more to go but I finally have freedom. Freedom to choose for myself, and I am no longer a victim. The Goran Technique has set me free from pain I thought I would have to carry for the rest of my life! I actually have joy and love in my life! This work is like having a magic marker and I have consciously been erasing pain and patterns that no longer serve the highest expression of myself. PERMANENTLY!!!”
Monica Rose