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Emrys says he is making more money on gigs, forgave his ex girlfriend and had many breakthroughs. These breakthroughs money can’t buy! Emrys eloquently tells us how life changing these courses are! Thank you for working on yourself, to be more authentically yourself! Everyday gets better and better with these tools!!

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the video:

First of all thank you so much because this course definitely already paid for itself for me in money but you know also I think I want to pay more then your then I mean because like let’s see it sounds like you’re saying it’s worth your value that you got was way more in that way you pay oh yeah the value is way more than what this course costs because well the venue thing happened that’s just one venue out of all the venues we play that offering to pay us three times more than last year that was just the second day mm-hmm and then well let’s see I forgave my ex-girlfriend and I looked her up on Facebook just to see how she was doing and you know felt tons of compassion for her so that’s that’s pretty big what else oh then last night I downloaded everything I’ve been doing wrong in my business mmm and exactly what to do to serve everyone better mmm .

And I I realized the 80% of my time that was being spent on stuff that wasn’t helping anybody and the 20% of stuff that actually at the 20 percent time that was actually really working for people and the thing that I actually enjoy doing is the stuff that’s been the most helpful to people and that stuff that I don’t like that I feel like I have to do that I hate Ewing doesn’t help them anyway and they don’t like it and annoys them mmm-hmm so I’m not gonna do it anymore all right that’s a big break there yeah and and then is it Mari that pronounce her and so she did some work with me today on practicing what you taught us today about testing whether it’s mental physical emotional and she figured out that I still have well I had five blocks to doing what I downloaded last night.

And then there was four of them I could figure out my favor for myself but there was one and she was trying to get me to listen to her and I was trying to control the entire you know she’s supposed to be coaching me and I’m sitting there like no we’re supposed to do this next and I don’t think it’s that and she’s telling me try this and actually said were pretty fast so I think he must have cleared people listen for your your husband or whatever about listening to you because I actually tried what she said and she was actually a hundred percent spot on every time and then she did it now I don’t know who I am anymore

I’ll see you what’s it called weaker becoming our authentic self see that becoming your authentic self your softer

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