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Arnoux Goran Seminars

The Goran Technique (The 7 Steps)
Permanently clear negative emotions

During this course you will drop a massive amount of baggage and peel many layers of pain off of you… revealing your true self. The Goran Technique was invented by Arnoux Goran in 2003 and has literally changed the lives of thousands of people.

Every human trauma you can imagine has been erased using this tool.

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During this course you will drop a massive amount of baggage and peel many layers of pain off of you… revealing your true self.

What our graduates have to say…

Karen Farberow

I took several courses with Arnoux Goran Seminars and saw changes in EVERY area of my life. Some of the big ones are:

Releasing all of the grief around my father’s death. We were very close and now I don’t cry when I talk about him, which I always did before.

I now get along great with my mom and she has never criticized me since I erased that issue from my unconscious using The Goran Technique. My brother and I now have a relationship after years of no contact. That was also a result of The Goran Technique . In fact all three of these relationships totally changed after just 1 session with The Goran Technique. There is so much more I could say, even my ability to speak in public has totally changed. The biggest thing may be that I now have the tools to make even more changes, not just for myself, but for others. I feel truly blessed.

Ami Garcia

The results have been AMAZING, I don’t think there are enough words to describe how FANTASTIC the results are, in fact, ‘life changing’ doesn’t give it enough justice because it’s so much more than that. Already I’ve gone from size 12 to 6, got off 3 allergy medications including steroids, 2 prescriptions for chronic back pain (muscle spasms & sciatica) removed heavy metals, got rid of arthritis & joint pain, and NO more Migraines!!! Severe insomnia has gone away and I can now sleep in my bed after a year (the back pain & insomnia relief alone has been an absolute blessing!). I’ve cleared TONS of emotional blockages like issues about self-acceptance, being able to receive love, and relationships with others improved.

I’ve learned how NOT to hold on to others negative or painful emotions (extremely difficult to do before and was really hurting me physically). I’ve even noticed a huge difference with my dogs after switching them over to the healthy dog food!!!

It’s such a relief to FINALLY accept myself for who I am, especially spiritually. Learning how to create an INTENTION and seeing it manifest within five minutes is so POWERFUL! I just can’t say enough, and we’re only halfway there! This has been the greatest blessing ever, and I am eternally grateful to Arnoux! Namaste.

Trudie Giordano

Arnoux Goran is a tremendous resource offering a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking to improve their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. He speaks from personal experience and the testimonies of many he has helped. Even from applying a small fraction of the information I have learned from his teachings,

I have lost weight, successfully discontinued medications for ADHD, anxiety and depression and increased my overall sense of well-being by releasing emotional baggage from the past and increasing my energy for challenges I currently face.

The information is also of benefit for my loved ones who suffer from diabetes, fybromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, and adrenal failure. I am thankful for this information, which I am certain has changed the course of my health to avoid these conditions my family members have developed.

Arnoux Goran Seminars

Start living free from the negative fallout from:
Abusive parents
Sexual assault
Verbal abuse
Death of a loved one
Terrible accident
Broken heart / break up
Loss of a job, home, etc
Unresolved arguments
Panic Attacks
Fear of flying, dogs, bugs, snakes, the dark, public speaking
Financial fear and other financial patterns
And so much more!

Arnoux Goran Seminars

We have 29 courses that go in order from basic to advanced. The Arnoux Goran Seminars is the first health education in the world to combine physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. You start with The Goran Technique. This course focuses on erasing negative emotions and unwanted patterns. During this course, you will learn the fastest and easiest way to release old emotions permanently. Then we will teach you how to reprogram your unconscious mind and change your life. Arnoux Goran invented the The Goran Technique.


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The Goran Technique

The Goran Technique

The Solution Weekend

The Foundation Course

the foundation course

Public Speaking

public speaking


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Life Transformation - the Break Through

Life Transformation Part 1 - the breakthrough

The Emotional Repolarization Technique or ERT is a 3-day video training which shows you the tool that releases the actual physical chemicals of emotions from your body. It’s completely different from The 7 Steps which erases repeating negative thought patterns from your mind. This technique works on your body and may cause cleansing reactions. It’s an absolute must for not just perfect health, but to align your vibration with the goals you are creating in life. This is NOT the ERT taught by Dr. Robert Marshall in his QRA training, but rather an advanced hybrid based on the work of Randy and Colette Freiberg with a few twists and additions added by Arnoux Goran, course designer and presenter.

Life Transformation Part 2 - the emotional repolarization technique

Life Transformation Part 3 - the completion<br />
Arnoux Goran Seminars

Life Transformation Part 3 - the completion

basic professional health consulting

master professional health consulting

5 Secrets to Ending Drama in Relationships

Life Coaching Certification Training

The Ultimate Life Coaching Program

Interference Field Removal

The Magical Manifesting Guidebook - by Arnoux Goran

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